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    Yuta TakagiOffering private lessons in
    Seattle, Washington
    About MeContact Me
    Hi, I'm Yuta.

    I am a young composer - fresh out of college and new to the Seattle area - looking to make his way in the world! I studied composition at Oberlin Conservatory, and have been composing for 10 years. My formal education is geared towards New Music and Experimental Music, but I also work in other styles including more popular genres and electronic music. I consider myself to be a 21st century romantic.

    Unlike many instrumental performance teachers who offer composition lessons on the side, I am a composer first and foremost and my performance pursuits are secondary. I am a dedicated composition teacher for students with a serious interest in music composition, particularly for those considering higher education in composition. Having grown up in a smaller city, I took composition lessons from a violin instructor/conductor in high school. While those lessons were instructive, I found myself at a considerable disadvantage at the university level, compared to my piers who had had access to lessons from a composer. I hope to provide students with the most favorable start possible in their composing endeavors!

    My Teaching Background
    Having just graduated from university, and having studied composition (not music education), I have minimal teaching experience. However, I will make up for any lack of experience with dedication and commitment to the student. Being a composer in a big city is my dream so I have a lot riding on getting these first forays into adult life right. I can't promise that I will be a perfect teacher, but I can promise that I will be a passionate one.

    My Teaching Philosophy
    Composition is an act of creation. I believe that it is not the teacher's place to indoctrinate a student into a particular pedagogic dogma, but rather to encourage and enable a student to be their most creative and original self. I adjust my lessons to best fit the goals of each student, helping students to define their musical visions and giving them the tools to effectively realize them. Composition is a highly variable process and there is no incorrect way to compose. I aim to help each student find the most effective means for that student. Furthermore, as with any art form, music does not exist in a vacuum. I encourage my students to consider the broader context of their compositions as well as the people performing them, and the audience.

    Rates And Availability
    I offer lessons at students' homes. I recommend one 1-hour lesson weekly.

    I have a pay what you can policy, with a suggested rate of $50 per lesson for those with the means.
    Please do not hesitate to contact me even if this rate is too high - it is my personal belief that everybody deserves the opportunity to follow their passions and it would be unfortunate if only the privileged were able to.

    The first session is free and will be used to get to know one another, discuss expectations and goals, and make sure it is a good student-teacher fit.

    I hope you contact me, but regardless, good luck with your musical aspirations!