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I offer lessons in:

  • Scottish Fiddle
  • Viola
  • Classical Violin
  • Beginning Violin

    I also have these skills:

    • Irish Traditional Fiddle
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    Marcia ThummaOffering private lessons in
    Lake Stevens, Washington
    About MeContact Me
    I welcome students of all ages! Currently, I'm seeing a dramatic increase in adult students and I love teaching them, as well as teaching children. I am a violin and fiddle teacher. I have used the Suzuki method for 24 years as the foundation of study. However, more and more students are interested in fiddling and I have found Mark O'Connor's method books to be equally effective when it comes to getting students started and keeping them challenged. (Both of the methods work well for violists as well!)

    There are many outstanding features of both methods, but the greatest appeal for me is to see how easily students pick up playing well, when they aren't bogged down with the complications of note reading. I have had extensive training in the Suzuki method, and use it as much as possible. People learn differently, so I do use of variety of styles and philosophies when I teach, whenever the need arises.

    Scottish fiddle has become my passion, and I will gladly share this as well, to enrich student studies, or as a single area of concentration. I will gladly explore other genres of music with an interested student.

    My Teaching Background
    Most of my teacher training has been directly tied to the Suzuki Association of America and it's teacher training courses. I began using the Suzuki method in 1994. There are ten books in the Suzuki methodology. I have completed teacher training on the first seven books, in addition to a variety of supplemental material. During the past 24 years of teaching, I've had private studios with 20, and up to 50 students, many of whom continue violin studies now, aspiring to be performers or educators. Many continue to play, just for the sheer pleasure. I have played in many community orchestras and symphonies in the past, but now participate in a number of Scottish and Irish fiddle groups. I have successfully began students as young as three years old, but students are welcome in their 50's and 60's and beyond.

    My Teaching Philosophy
    I see music at the center of my life. It takes me a different direction on any given day. Music may or may not be at the center of your child's life. There are any number of activities most youth want to try before "settling in". Music helps make an individual well-rounded. Lessons for your son or daughter will be interesting, fun, challenging, and rewarding. Lessons enable the student to grow, and learn about him or herself in so many ways. Relying mainly on the Suzuki method, I look for genuine parental involvement. I look for a parent that is willing to learn about the violin and be able to play well enough, to help a young son or daughter along the way. I look for parents that are positive and open-minded in their approach to practice and problem solving. Listening to recordings of the music being studied is another component of "practice"- a habit I will encourage your son or daughter to develop from the very beginning. Attending concerts, and participating in recitals are also vital to a student's growth.

    Rates And Availability

    Lessons are offered in my home on weekdays and evenings. I also use Skype and Face Time for lessons when it is not possible to attend a lesson in person. I recommend a minimum of 45 minutes for beginning adults, and 30 minutes for beginning youth lessons. As a student advances and matures, 45 minutes becomes more beneficial. Standard rates are $24 for a 30 minute lesson, $36 for a 45 minute lesson, etc.. Discounts will also be given for families with three or more students enrolled.

    References are available upon request.