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I offer lessons in:

  • Ear Training
  • Basic Music Theory
  • Intermediate Music Theory
  • Classical Piano
  • Early Childhood Piano
  • Beginning Piano
  • Intermediate Piano
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    Stan WatkinsOffering private lessons in
    Kirkland, Washington
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    Comprehensive musical training

    My goal is for my students to be well-rounded musicians, capable of enjoying and participating in music for life. A well-rounded musician needs the physical skills of an athlete, the theoretical understanding of an academic, the beautiful interpretation of an artist, and the diligent craftsmanship of an artisan. These abilities are developed through sequential presentation and application. I foster discovery learning, and often find myself asking questions, rather than giving instructions. “What key is this piece in? How do you know it’s that key? How would you compare the first line with the second line?” I emphasize how to practice, and have written several articles on this subject for my blog. As students plan their practice so they are fully prepared by a performance deadline, they also learn project management skills. These are important non-musical life skills which I intend my students to develop as well.

    Carnegie Hall Royal Conservatory Achievement Program

    I participate in The Achievement Program, a national standard of musical success. All students are encouraged to participate at their own level. Students receive assessment in practical areas of their playing, as well as their understanding of music theory and history. Students benefit from participation in a nationally recognized program that offers a balanced course of study and meaningful evaluation.


    Master of Music, University of Washington

    B.A. in Music, Seattle Pacific University
    including study of piano teaching methodology


    30 minute lesson $25 in studio $30 in your home
    45 minute lesson $35 in studio $40 in your home


    My studio is in my home in the North Juanita area of Kirkland, WA, close to the intersection of NE 145th and Juanita-Woodinville Way NE

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