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Posting a teacher request helps match you to the best music teacher in your area. Every day, our directory of private music teachers grows larger - post your free request and we'll send qualified teachers your way!

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Here's how the process works:

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    It just takes a moment - fill out your name, email address, and ZIP code, and describe the private music lessons you're looking for.

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    We'll show your request to teachers in your geographical area who teach the skills you want to learn. If a teacher is interested in following up with you, he or she will use our website to get in touch with you. We never display your email address to anyone - instead, we'll forward the teacher's message to you via email.

    3. When you find the right teacher, let us know.

    Each email you receive from us contains a link allowing you to edit or delete your teacher request. When you find the right teacher, just click the link to remove the request (and your information) from our system.

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