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I offer lessons in:

  • Jazz Clarinet
  • Classical Clarinet
  • Classical Flute
  • Jazz Flute
  • Improvisation
  • Jazz Saxophone
  • Classical Saxophone
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    Rick RossiOffering private lessons in
    Burbank, California
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    I've been teaching for 30 years. I love teaching and I think I have the style of teaching that's unlike anyone else. I have a Masters in saxophone performance and I believe in strong fundamentals, but I like teaching students how to improvise from the very beginning. That's why I developed my own system. Take a look at this video and how fast your son can learn with me. It shows 3 different students who never played the sax before and how they are not only playing but improvising after only 4 months
    Also take a look at the reviews which will attest to my ability to help my students learn
    I've been nominated for 3 Grammy Awards. If you want to really learn a method that cuts years off the time it takes to really improvise, I'm your teacher.

    My Teaching Background
    I have been nominated for 3 Grammy Awards and won one in 2000, but more importantly even when I was really busy performing I always had a few students because I've always loved teaching.
    I have a bachelors in music performance and a masters in woodwind performance. Also have degree from the Grove school of music in composition. I've taught at three colleges and I have experience almost every area of music entertainment including TV, Film, Broadway shows, las Vegas acts, and have in a featured performer on countless CDs.
    When I was 11 years old, I took group lessons in school and had no idea that most of the other kids were taking private lessons. Once I took my first go to private lesson I realized there were many important concepts and techniques that I was missing in my playing ability. That realization help me to seek out the very best teachers in the country and therefore I had to relearn how to play the instrument. Really learning at an older age helped me to become a much better teacher because I really became interested in the teaching process, asked a lot of questions, traveled all over the US to study with the very best teachers. In the end I have synthesized all the knowledge that I've gathered and I believe it makes me an expert teacher, not only for saxophone and woodwinds but most notably for my proven system of how to improvise. Are you have to do is look at my videos of my students to see how powerful my method is.

    My Teaching Philosophy
    I assess every student as a unique individual and I try to get as clear picture of what the student has in mind for their goals. Once I know what their goals are, I begin from the ground up building a good foundation in their sound and technique as well as how to play musically and how to build a musical line. I think every good teacher knows how to breakdown what can be frustrating and overwhelming for most students. I continually strive to find new ways to help my students to understand complex concepts in the most simplistic way. I have found that information overload can not only stifle a students ability to learn quickly, But I really believe that a great teacher needs to know how to start with baby steps and guide a student along a path where they never experience a big hurdle. If the teacher is truly an expert in teaching, he should be able to get his students to experience the joy of very limited thinking going on in his head as he is performing. So the job of a teacher is to have a step-by-step method that any student can follow and learn each new step with a minimum of frustration and a minimum of thinking. I have found that my students perform after best and learned the quickest when I can teach them to not think at all but just listen as if they are the listener rather then the performer. Once they experience that ability they never want to go back, because it's like pure ecstasy to be able to let go and let your ear be the guide. So in a phrase my teaching philosophy is "to train my students ear to the point where they can confidently rely upon it to guide them to best musical choice when improvising."

    Rates And Availability
    I teach in my home Studio. I also give Skype lessons. My rates are as follows: 30 minutes for $35, 45 minutes for $45 and 60 minutes for $60.