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I offer lessons in:

  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Jazz Guitar
  • Electric / Rock Guitar
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    Robert ComerOffering private lessons in
    DuPont, Washington
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    Guitar Lessons- from the beginner to the pro who wants to learn new styles or techniques, I can provide individually tailored instruction to put you on the right path to learning the art of guitar, and growing as a musician.
    I start beginning students in Guitar for Absolute Beginners or GAB for short. This course starts from scratch and moves into developing techniques and skills to quickly learn songs. The average guitarist will be playing songs after only six classes!
    Are you ready to learn or improve your Jazz Guitar chops? I am also an accomplished Jazz Guitarist and play in professional groups around the south Sound. I am ready to help you learn or improve your skills as a Jazz Guitarist.

    My Teaching Background
    I have been teaching guitar one-on-one and in-group classes for over 20 years. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in music, as well as a Master of Arts, and have over 25 years of service as a front-man, lead guitarist, jazz guitarist and bandleader for the US Army Music program. I have performed in professional groups from rock to R&B to country, jazz & theater.

    My Teaching Philosophy
    I provide individually tailored instruction. This means I understand you, the student, are unique, and that you have a unique learning style that fits you. I employ various methods that will fit your style to hopefully help you learn better, quicker and easier.
    I also teach the fundamentals of music (notes, staff, key signatures, time signatures, dynamics, etc.) along with the guitar basics. So the focus is not just on teaching a song on the guitar, it is on teaching the student how to learn songs on the guitar as well. As the saying goes; "you catch someone a fish, and you feed them for the day, you teach them how to fish and they can feed themselves for a lifetime."
    For Intermediate & Advanced Lessons:
    I take your playing and reading to the next level. From new chords and voicings, to scales, to riffs in blues, rock, country or jazz, I can analyze what you already know and help you achieve new heights in your playing. I will give you more than advice about guitar effects pedals, and will teach you more than new scales; you will learn how to pick differently, how to use dynamic contrast, phrasing and other musical expressive devices that will set you apart from other players. I will help you figure out your own unique sound.

    Rates And Availability
    I teach right out of my home studio in DuPont, WA. I'm told it is a "comfortable & inviting learning atmosphere." I do not travel to students homes as all of the tools of my trade are in my studio. If you are a parent looking for lessons for your child. Please call me and get to know me, and then if you select me to be your child's teacher, sit in on their lessons. This not only helps you learn more about me as a teacher and person, but also helps you make sure your child is keeping up with the lesson material throughout the week.
    Beginning Guitar Lessons are only $20 for a thirty-minute lesson
    Intermediate & Advanced Lessons are only $40 an hour