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    Fullness of Teaching Method
    Posted by Stephanie Sawyer - November 5, 2018 - 8:36 AM

    I recently came to a new understanding about the benefits of my teaching. This may sound a bit arrogant, but it truly goes back to my mentor who was dearly close to me and gave me expert advice for 24 years. I have grown into that advice and now shine with her example.

    For the sake of expansion, I recently signed on with a studio in a far west side of Houston that took on a radically different method of teaching. The director immediately saw my talents in teaching, and the students benefitted right away. They told me that they were suddenly making sense of the music over their former teacher by my methods. This was quite heartwarming to me, and I taught all age groups from early elementary to adult.

    I chose after a period of a month to leave the studio when I saw that recitals were being forced on new beginners and on adults alike. Those unable to read music yet were forced into performance by examples of rote 'monkey see, monkey do' through the director's patterns. I will never do such with my students, and usually wait till a student is well prepared before putting them in performance. In addition, I do not force my adult students into performance at all since I know they chiefly want to please themselves with their own enjoyment at the piano. Thus, the extreme odds in teaching became a dividing point so that I decided to leave the studio. Yet, I valued even more my methods of teaching. I came to realize that not all students have the rich methods I give in lessons. Students in other studios are not given technique, theory, and repertoire in one lesson such as I do. With all these understandings in one setting, the student has a vast application for better awareness in which to give musical appreciation.

    My studio thrives with student awareness of a full appreciation across the board at the keyboard. Theory, technique, and repertoire with knowledge of the masters. It is a broad enjoyment for a rich heritage of the depth of music.

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