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    Having a piano for daily practice
    Posted by Karen Hesterly - February 17, 2017 - 12:00 PM

    The student must have an instrument at home before beginning the class.
    This is a piano class not a general music class so all students must have a piano, either acoustic or digital, with weighted keys at home for daily practice. Positive daily encouragement and appreciation at home is the best way to make sure your child will want to continue piano. Basic digital pianos like the Yamaha P45 have become so inexpensive, there is no reason to not have one from the beginning.

    Students who are involved with dance, karate, tutoring, etc. several days a week will not have time to keep up with a group class. As much as I would like to have your child as a student, please make sure your child not only has the time but the energy to practice daily. To learn to play well is a commitment of several years, perhaps until they graduate high school.

    Get all the benefit of private lessons in a small group setting. Students are heard individually through piano relay, where each student plays a portion of the music by himself/herself, then it goes to the next student to play the next portion. We also work together as one large piano student when learning a piece. Students learn to be disciplined and work on their own without a teacher hovering over every note.

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