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    How important are recitals?
    Posted by Karen Hesterly - December 3, 2016 - 1:48 PM

    Many parents like for their students to participate in public recitals, so I do schedule recitals. I advise students that they must practice and learn their piece well enough to play it with the music almost perfectly. The intention is to provide a performance opportunity for those who will practice, and not to humiliate those who will not or cannot practice enough.

    When I was younger I had all my students perform, but I now advise students that if they want to be in the recital, they must be able to play the piece very well and memorize it if possible. I know how it feels to be so nervous that the keys on the piano seem like they are in the wrong place, so a student has to know their piece extremely well to overcome that fear. It is not easy for some parents to understand that I am looking out for the emotional health of their child and don't want to see them dissolve in tears in front of a big room full of other students and adults because they messed up.

    If you are a parent reading this, please have your student play their piece every day and even though I let them use the music, work on memorizing it so that they will know it as well as possible. It is much better to play a piece 4 times a day 5 days a week than to play it 20 times the day before the lesson or recital.

    Students are also encouraged to play their pieces not only for recitals but for friends, neighbors, church, nursing homes, school talent shows, etc. It is good to have at least one piece memorized for friends so that an unexpected performance opportunity will allow you to play. A few years ago I had a beginner adult who had had 2 lessons, play a duet with me at her church. It is never too soon to begin.

    Good luck to my students participating in the next recital!

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