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    Improv on Red River Valley
    Posted by Mary Radspinner - August 22, 2015 - 9:44 PM

    Red River Valley is well known as a cowboy song. I like to play David Sullivan’s arrangement of the tune from his book, Celtic Harp on the Prairie, which also gives history of the tunes. The song actually originated in New York as a commercial tune written in the 1890’s called In the Bright Mohawk Valley. The chorus and the verse are similar to each other, and this song lends itself to a simple improvisation.

    One way to improvise is to play the rhythm of the melody using different notes. If improvisation is new to you, chord member notes are the first choice. What is a chord member? In a G chord for example, chord members are G, B and D.

    Here we offer 3 PDF downloads: 1 – lead line with chords; 2 – worksheet with instructions and chord member names given for each measure (print as many as you want); 3 – example of a final version. Enjoy this lesson, or use it with your students! The PDFs are below – RRV1 – RRV2a and RRV2b. Click here to see the original article where you can download the music and work on it.

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