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    Stu JohnsonOffering private lessons in
    Columbus, Ohio
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    Guitar Lessons in Columbus Ohio and 3 Critical Things to Know...
    Posted by Stu Johnson - October 29, 2012 - 4:46 PM

    Most Guitar Lessons in Columbus Ohio are excellent. Columbus is a great town for music lessons because we have some great musicians here.
    When looking for an Instructor for guitar lessons in Columbus Ohio be sure to try a few different ones before you put the hammer down and
    decide. It is always good to have a proficient teacher but it does not always lead to understanding or even the ability to play!

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    The number one determinant for most people is simply "Do I like my Teacher". If the answer to this is no, it is no surprise to most folks that the lessons
    will most likely not be effective. Another criteria is their teaching style. Do they teach 'note reading' right off the bat? Do they require you
    to read staff before you can play your favorite tunes? To some this might be okay, but I can tell you teaching guitar lessons in Columbus
    Ohio for 17 years that most people just want to be able to start jamming right away and are willing to skip the preliminary sturm and drang.
    And yes, even if they are going to "pay for it later". Most people taking lessons aren't planning on going to Julliard or Berkeley College. They
    simply would like to be able to play their favorite songs for themselves and/or their children etc..

    Learn how to piece things together and see the big picture

    So, make sure you select a teacher that fits your goals and accommodates what you are trying to do (not what they want you to do). It is the job
    of a good Instructor to have an established curriculum too. Most Instructors teach a little here and a little there. Not only is this piece-meal approach
    non-effective, it also places the onus on the student to put things together and make sense of it. This is the job of the Instructor (to explain everything
    and hook it all together). If you are looking for quality lessons at a competitive price, you should check out

    Click here to see about private lessons ...

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