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    Jim CannonOffering private lessons in
    Los Altos, California
    About MeContact Me
    Piano Lessons by Jim Cannon. I retired from my first career with enough financial security that I can teach piano lessons because it is fun and rewarding. I want to share with others my love for music and the joy it can bring. I teach in or near Los Altos, CA. Many of my students live near Montclaire Elementary School or in the Highlands.

    My Teaching Background
    BA Music from Stanford, BS EE from Stanford, MBA from Santa Clara. 25 years of recording solo piano. 5 years in a church band. I've been teaching piano now since 2000 after 20 years in the computer industry.
    I am a member of the Music Teachers Association of California.

    My Teaching Philosophy
    Music should be fun. I try not to do the things other teachers do to make it boring or hard. The primary focus is on reading skills. Each week students play for me what they worked on last week, sight read several new songs, learn the next step in music theory, then review the new songs. I use mostly songs which are popular and familiar, as opposed to music someone made up to teach you how to play. There are two recitals per year, for which they spend several months preparing one piece of their choice. Scales, drills and exercises are not introduced until later when they are clearly motivated to do well. I am a member of the Music Teachers Association of California, and can teach students to prepare for the Certificate of Merit if that is desired.

    Rates And Availability
    As of 01/01/16, a 30 minute lesson is $50. Some of the more advanced students will receive a 45 minute lesson for the same price.