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  • Electric / Rock Guitar
  • Acoustic Guitar
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    Curt MitchellOffering private lessons in
    Ozark, Missouri
    About MeContact Me
    I've played guitar for over 40 years. In the beginning I would tune my guitar up to CCR records and do my best to mimic the sounds of John Fogerty. I quickley got interested in Beatles, Led Zepplin, Stones and the like. Over the years my playing moved into more of a jazz fusion genre. I spent many years as a worship musician in California and Oregon and I'm currently working with a band in the Branson area. What I have to offer players is a high degree of enthusiasm about playing the guitar! I love guitar and I love watching my students improve and enjoy the satisfaction of making music.

    My Teaching Background
    What most qualifies me as a teacher is an ability to effectively communicate. Each student has his or her own particular areas of talent and challenges. I do my best to bring out the passion of playing guitar for my students. This is important because practicing can be a very physical challenge especially when starting out. I try to strike the right balance between practicing and the joy of making music.

    My Teaching Philosophy
    My approach to teaching guitar is simple. Keep it FUN, FUN, FUN! What I look for in my students is simply the desire to learn. If I can find students who will give me 30 minutes of practice a day, I can confidently guarantee amazing results their playing. I take more the role of a coach than a teacher. My philosohpy is that all players are self taught in the practice session. It is as much my task to inspire the student to practice rather than just give the information at hand.

    Rates And Availability
    I teach out of my home in central Ozark, MO. I will consider teaching at the student's residence with travel expenses incurred. My rates are very reasonable at $10 per half hour and $18 for a full hour. Call Curt Mitchell at 417-872-8878 and let's get started!