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    Nobuo KitagawaOffering private lessons in
    Coopersburg, Pennsylvania
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    I am an oboist based in Lehigh Valley, PA. I hold degrees from Tokyo University of Arts (BM) and Yale School of Music (MM, MMA, DMA). I teach oboe at Lafayette College in Easton and coach adult chamber music workshops at Kinhaven Music School in Vermont. I am a busy freelance player whose experience ranges from Broadway shows (Beauty and the Beast, Phantom of the Opera, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, etc.), chamber music, studio recording, solo recitals, to a Bach choir orchestra. My 30-year career took me from Tokyo to New York, Carnegie Hall to Royal Albert Hall, and classical to commercial music. I am eager to share what I learned with all of my students.

    Teaching Background
    I started conducting my junior high school band when I was 14. At age 16, before I had my own private teacher, I started teaching oboe. At age 18, I was hired as a guest conductor for a local high school band. During college, I started coaching chamber music and wind sectionals. While at graduate school, I taught undergraduate students and assisted my teacher, Ronald Roseman, in graduate seminars.

    After graduation, I taught at Connecticut College and Queens College. I have given workshops and master classes at schools such as Wesleyan University, Harlem School of Performing Arts and Kinhaven Music School. Iíve been involved with a wide variety of educational programs with chamber music groups, orchestras and choirs.

    My Teaching Philosophy
    I am very interested in how people learn differently. As Dawna Markovaís work shows, people process auditory, visual, and kinesthetic information in their own way. Iím always fascinated by how young minds process and absorb new information. I'm also very interested in the mind-body interactions in learning. As in sport medicine, there is so much to be explored in the process of aquiring musical skills.

    I believe understanding the attitude behind each piece of music is invaluable. Beyond the basic stylistic issues, I help my students learn the cultural and historical backgrounds of the pieces they are working on. I believe intimate knowledge of the people and the time can help deepens the relationship between the player and the music.

    Online Resources
    Every lesson at my studio is digitally recorded. Students get access to all of their past lesson recordings. I've been steadily publishing articles on LearningMusician as well as on my LinkedIn page. I have a growing list of study material for various wind instruments on YouTube. They range from warm-up exercises to accompaniment parts.

    Master Class and Workshops
    I offer master class for solo and chamber music for all instruments. I give workshops on practice techniques, performance anxiety, tuning, rhythmic exercises and oboe reed making.

    My Availability and Rates
    I give lessons in my home studio in Coopersburg, PA. For availability and rates, please leave me a message.
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