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    Naeim RahmaniOffering private lessons in
    Seattle, Washington
    About MeContact Me
    Being a classical guitarist was not an option for me. I think that as artists we don't have that many options. I realized that being a guitarist is something that is necessary in my life. Music has inspired my life tremendously. As a performer and teacher I love to share this experience thorough my performance and teaching. As Einstein says "we are here for the sake of others." Music is for sharing. Playing music is a way for me to satisfy my deep natural drive and to share it with others. Of course, we also want to play for our personal enjoyment, but there's always an imaginary audience present as we do our daily practices and play for ourselves.

    My Teaching Background
    I have a BM in classical guitar performance from the University of Washington. I have studied with Michael Lefevre, Michael Partington and Eduardo Fernandez. I have played in master classes for David RusselI, Jorge Caballero, Göran Söllscher, Eduardo Fernandez and others. I have performed solo concerts at the University of Washington and at Foster White Gallery, to name a few. I have also played in guitar ensembles and performed duets with viola, voice and clarinet.
    I've been teaching classical guitar for over four years. Since graduating I have been building my career as a teacher and performer. I have a guitar teaching position at a local music academy and also teach out of my house.

    My Teaching Philosophy
    I believe the primary goal in teaching should be to teach why, rather than how. Anyone can teach how something is done but few take the time to teach why we do things a certain way. I strongly believe that when this goal is mastered it will help students become self-sufficient and thinking musicians.
    My job as a teacher is to show the student how to study efficiently and effectively, to encourage the student in their guitar learning, build confidence, and help them achieve their goal. In short, my job is to take the student far beyond what they could achieve on their own.

    Rates And Availability
    I teach out of my house and at the Ballard Academy of Music and Dance. I am willing to travel to student's homes as long as it's not over 10 miles. I charge $40 per hour.