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    Amy JacksonOffering private lessons in
    Covington, Washington
    About MeContact Me
    I am a 25 year old wife and mother of 2. I have a strong love of music that was instilled in me as a very young child. I started taking piano lessons at the age of 3 and continued lessons all the way up until I left home for college. I was taught by a wonderful Suzuki teacher who nurtured my talent and love for the piano. Throughout my life, I participated in many piano competitions and was highly successful in them. Several times I competed at the state level and won either top performer or honorable mention. I also love to sing. At age 8 I auditioned and was accepted into the Colorado Children's Chorale. That wonderful experience led me to start taking serious voice lessons at age 12. I continued voice lessons until the age of 20. I participated in top school choirs and was able to perform as a lead in a few high school musicals, including as Marian in "The Music Man" and Aunt Eller in "Oklahoma." I am passionate about music and about the influence it has in our lives. I believe each person is musical and should be given a chance to succeed musically. I do my best to share my love of music and of the piano with my students, while giving them all of the tools they need to be able to be competent pianists and musicians.

    My Teaching Background
    I received my Bachelor's degree from Brigham Young University in Humanities: Music Emphasis. I am fully educated in music theory, dictation, sight singing, and music history. I began teaching piano as a teenager for 2 years. I also taught a children's choir the summer of 2003 because of the love I have of teaching children how to sing. After graduating from college and getting married in 2008, I began teaching piano again in 2009. I have been teaching ever since! And I love it! I am also a certified Musikgarten teacher and currently teach Family Music for Babies and Toddlers and a preschooler class called Cycle of Seasons. I enjoy that immensely! Children are so musical and it is amazing what they are capable of when they are presented with the opportunities.

    My Teaching Philosophy
    My philosophy in teaching is that the child determines the pace and the approach. I currently teach from the Suzuki books, though I am not a certified Suzuki teacher, and use other theory books for supplementary material. I believe that a child should be learning music from the day they are born and that the type of education should depend completely upon that particular child's age, ability, maturity, and physical capabilities. I recommend that children under 5 should be in an early childhood music education program like Musikgarten (there are several out there) to hone their rhythmic, tonal, and physical skills. Then they will be completely prepared for instrumental lessons, like piano. Some children show an exceptional ability towards music early on and if they are able to focus their attention for 15-30 minutes, then I feel they could benefit from starting piano earlier than 5 (as I did). I believe that music is a language and that if we begin teaching them young, our children will learn it and absorb it as they do their own language. We should begin first by giving children an aural bath, then have them try imitation. After they are able to "speak" or play (or sing), as it were, then note names and values are introduced. Reading quickly follows along with "grammar structure" or music theory.

    I am looking for parents and students that want to do piano or Musikgarten classes because they love music, but I also require a certain amount of seriousness in the desire to have a long-term relationship with music. "Just for fun" students are nice, but the work ethic is just not there in either parent or student if that is the only reason for doing it. I do require consistent practice and a respect of the assignments I give.

    In return I will do my best to give your child the best music education I can. I always have my students' best interests at heart. I want to make it fun, challenging, and rewarding for them. I will adapt to each child's learning abilities, while still giving them the little challenges they need to progress at the piano.

    Rates And Availability
    I teach out of my home and cannot travel to students' homes due to the two young children I have at home. My husband watches the children while I teach unless a student desires a time when he is not available to be home. In those circumstances, I ask the parents to watch them while I teach. I currently charge $20 for a half hour lesson once a week and require payment monthly at the beginning of the month. Absences that are known ahead of time (like vacations) do not need to be paid for and can be made up if desired. Last minute absences, however, are not refunded and can only be made up. I have 2 recitals a year and they are usually held in the recital room at Prosser Piano and Organ in Tukwila, WA.