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I offer lessons in:

  • Songwriting
  • Spanish for Singers
  • Vocal Coaching
  • Broadway Voice
  • Jazz Voice
  • Pop Voice
  • R&B / Hip-Hop Voice
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    Lisa GarciaOffering private lessons in
    Duluth, Georgia
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    Learn the Techniques of Professional Singers!


    Welcome! I'm pleased to share with female singers and children of all ages the vocal techniques that professional singers use. During lessons, you will learn the key to singing with power without straining or shouting. Learn what it means to sing "in the mix"-- to sound like you are using chest voice, even in the upper registers, with no tension in the larynx. Learn the proper way to belt without irritating, and damaging your voice. No matter what style of music you enjoy, you can sing with a clearer, stronger tone, maximize your range and vocal flexibility, and transition smoothly between vocal registers. In addition to vocal training, I can assist you with songwriting and recording--right here in our home recording studio.

    Voice studio located in Duluth, Georgia, just south of Suwanee and East of John's Creek. Limited slots available Mondays-Fridays.
    Contact me for more information and to set up a lesson. $40 for 30 minute lesson--lessons are recorded onto a CD or USB for students to practice exercises at home.

    Lessons With Lisa Cover The Following Skills....

    -Mixed-Voice Training
    -Strengthening and coordinating the vocal cords so the voice transitions smoothly from one register to another
    -Developing a strong "mix" so you sound like you are using chest voice, even in the upper ranges, but with no strain.
    -Learning to sing with power and clarity without damaging vocal cords
    -Working on music of the student's choice including Pop, R&B, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Classical, Rock, etc.
    -Learning to "stylize" properly for the type of song being sung
    -Learning to sing confidently in front of an audience, and developing one's own personal style
    -Developing a natural, even vibrato
    -Developing vocal flexibility in order to sing runs
    -Learning to improvise and sing licks
    -Increasing vocal range, especially in the upper registers
    -Developing a better "ear" for music
    -Learning to harmonize
    -Writing and composing original lyrics and music, if desired
    -Learning to play chords on the keyboard to assist in songwriting, if desired

    When searching for a voice teacher, make sure s/he understands your musical preferences and goals. Don't be afraid to ask him/her to sing for you. If s/he cannot come close to the style you are wanting to sing, s/he may not be able to get you there either. I am confident that with the techniques I will teach you, if you put the time into practicing, you will see impressive results very quickly and will not be in a position of taking voice lessons for years with little improvement.

    Now accepting female students and children of all ages who would love to take their singing to the next level!

    ****Lessons Also Available on Skype or iChat****
    Contact me for details through this site or look me up on google

    My Teaching Background

    I have been singing publicly since the age of twelve, and have been leading worship in churches and ministry events in the United States and Argentina since 1996. I've directed both adults and children in choirs and small choral groups, and have coached individuals of all ages in singing with better tone, control, power, flexibility, and self confidence. Part of my teaching experience includes teaching Music & Voice at the Master's Academy of Fine Arts, as well as teaching private voice lessons from my studio. My husband and I have our own recording studio, and we recently released our worship CD, titled "The Prodigal's Return" We also have a Spanish EP available, titled "Ven Libre.". To hear samples of our songs, and to purchase our CDs, please look us up on google--"The Great Reversal" Or you can download the songs from Itunes by typing in "The Great Reversal." We have appeared on several professional Christian recordings, and can be heard on Christian radio stations in South America and the United States, including Victory 91.5 FM and WPLO AM Spanish radio, here in Atlanta.

    I have a Bachelor of Science degree/ certification in Education, and I especially love working with kids! I have studied both classical and contemporary vocal techniques since 1993, with some of the top vocal trainers in the country. I studied Speech Level Singing for five years and was previously a teacher with the organization. With an extensive library of music, including all contemporary and classical genres, my goal is to enable vocalists to achieve their dreams--whether to sing professionally, perform in public, in church, or just for fun. If you love to sing, but notice weaknesses in your voice or confidence level, I encourage you to come in for a lesson. I guarantee that it will be the best money you've spent on furthering your professional or recreational career in singing.

    My Teaching Philosophy
    Do you sing well in your low range but dread the approach of those higher notes?
    Do you have difficulty transitioning between "chest voice" and "head voice?"
    Do you sound like you have two distinct voices that don't mix well?
    Does your voice give out or crack when you try to sing certain notes?
    Does your throat feel sore after singing for prolonged periods?
    Do you experience a dry, tickle in the throat when singing in your mid-range?
    When you hear a recording of yourself, do you sound flat or off pitch?
    Does your voice lack a natural, even vibrato and resonance?
    Would you like to increase your singing range?
    Do you struggle with harmonizing? Improvising?
    Do you wonder how singers like Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera handle those long, complicated runs?
    Would you like to turn your singing into a profession?
    Are you terrified to sing in front of an audience?

    If you answered "yes" to any of these, then you can benefit from the vocal exercises I will take you through--intended to strengthen and adduct the vocal cords, helping you produce a clear, strong tone--even through those difficult passages or bridges. In a short time, with regular practice you will sing with evenness and power in all vocal registers, with more ease and no pulling or straining of the larynx.

    Whether you like to sing Pop, R&B, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Rock, Country, or Classical, these techniques will help you become a stronger, healthier singer and better performer. There are limited slots still available for serious female vocalists.

    Rates And Availability
    Lessons take place in my home studio, located near the intersection of Peachtree Industrial Blvd and Hwy 120 in Duluth. I have available hours Monday through Friday. Contact me through this site, or look me up at lisagarciavoice at blogspot.


    $40 Per 30 Minute Lesson (recommended for most students)

    $60 Per 45 Minute Lesson (recommended for students preparing for an audition or public performance)

    $80 Per 1 Hour Lesson (recommended for older students who are preparing for public performance, audition, songwriting, or producing a demo)

    Remember--Regular practice is crucial in developing the necessary coordination and strength for excellent singing! Please bring a blank CD or USB to every lesson so that you can practice your exercises and songs at home!