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    Bothell, Washington
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    Welcome to “Lessons by Gretchen”! I have been teaching piano in my home since 2006. I started with just a few students, friends of my daughter. I found that I enjoyed the time with my students more than my corporate job, so I decided to go into teaching full time. In 1997 I was fortunate enough to be given my Great Grandmother’s Baby Grand piano. I am honored to teach piano lessons on this piano, which has been passed down in my family since the early 1900s!

    I look forward to spending time with you exploring the piano!

    My Teaching Background
    I have been teaching piano in my home since 2006.

    I graduated from WSU with two degrees and a Minor in Music.

    I have been involved in choirs since elementary school, both as a vocalist and as an accompanist.

    My Teaching Philosophy
    As you may already know, music education is quickly disappearing from our schools. As such, it has been left to parents to make sure their children receive a well rounded education. Learning an instrument is one of the best ways to help your child (or yourself!) round out their education.

    For me, playing the piano is an escape and a release after a stressful day. It is a way for me to connect with my own children, who love to dance to music that I play. For you or your child, it may be something else entirely. I encourage any child or adult who needs something to relieve stress or balance out their education to give piano a try. It’s an easy instrument to learn or return to years later.

    My overall philosophy is that if my students aren't having fun and learning, then I'm not doing my job. I strive for musical excellence, but make sure we have fun along the way.

    Rates And Availability
    Lesson Rates
    Annual Materials Fee: $60, covers book costs

    1st year student: $65 per month, 30 minutes per week
    2nd Year or longer student: $85 per month, 45 minutes per week
    Advanced Student: $105 per month, 60 minutes per week

    For more information, please visit my website at: