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I offer lessons in:

  • Composition
  • Ear Training
  • Irish Traditional Flute
  • Classical Flute
  • Baroque Flute
  • Music History
  • Basic Music Theory
  • Intermediate Music Theory
  • Advanced Music Theory
  • Classical Piano
  • Beginning Piano
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    Kristin-Leigh BusseyOffering private lessons in
    Puyallup, Washington
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    Hi there,

    My name is Kristin-Leigh. I am a piano and flute teacher.I have been playing music for over 20 years and teaching for over 10. I love every aspect of music. I feel that music is a way of communication, that when used correctly can unlock the passions and emotions of any human being.
    I have been teaching music for 10 years as part of the Allen Music Studio in Spokane. Recently, I was offered a position as Head of the Music Department at a private school for exceptionally gifted children here in Seattle, that I just couldn’t refuse.
    I graduated with an AFA in Music Performance, and an AFA in Music Education from Spokane Falls Community College, and I am currently earning a BM in Music Education and a BM in Music Performance with a minor in Music Theoretical Practice at the University of Washington.
    I was the resident flutist for the Spokane Falls Community College for 2 years, and the principal flutist for the Spokane Youth Symphony for 3 years. I have been awarded numerous Gold Medals over the years for competing in the Alied Arts Festivals and Musicfest Northwest competitions in both Flute and Piano divisions. I studied in Europe for 2 years with the principal flutist of the London Philharmonic and the concert pianist for the Royal Symphony. I was the director and conductor for the advanced Handbell Choir in Spokane for 2 years. I was also the featured flutist for the Spokane Silver Winds Quartet.

    I have always been around music, and I love everything about it. I enjoy sharing my passion for music with others and helping them to extend their talents and interest in the field. In each lesson I concentrate on concert and technical studies along with lectures in theory, music history and technique. I have always felt that a student should learn more than just the notes on the page, but rather learn why the notes are there and how they should interpret them. I like to have fun in my lessons with my students, to show them that even though music is hard work, it can be a lot of fun too. I prefer to allow my students to choose their own pieces, this allows them to understand how to build their own repertoire and gives them the freedom and enjoyment of learning pieces they enjoy. I am a very fun and energetic teacher, who really loves to teach.

    My Teaching Background

    My Teaching Philosophy
    I give a very well rounded education in music. I teach my students about music history (where they will learn all about the wonderful lives of composers), theory (where they will work on the basics of music understanding), performance (they will learn how to hold themselves on stage and in front of an audience), general music education (the basic application of their instrument), technique (the application of furthering their agility of their hands), and composition (leaning how to write music in 2 and 4 part harmonies).

    Each lesson is 45 minutes long and is divided up into sections where each subject gets attention. Of course I adjust the lessons depending on the age, level, and ability of each child, no cookie cutter lessons.

    When students are at an age where it is appropriate, they are also asked to write weekly reports on various music topics, this can range anywhere from life facts about composers, to the Mozart effect, and how music effects the mental development of young children.

    Rates And Availability
    I charge $35.00 per lesson and I teach from my home. I do have a few travel days and if you would like to have a lesson in your home than I can put you on a wiating list for one of those days.

    Since my schedule is always shifting and changing, please contact me for available days and times.