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I offer lessons in:

  • Audio Engineering
  • Audio Production
  • Jazz Drums
  • Rock Drums
  • Funk Drums
  • R&B Drums
  • Rudimental Drums
  • Improvisation
  • Basic Music Theory
  • Percussion
  • Latin Percussion
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    Kevin "Cal" NealOffering private lessons in
    Olympia-Tacoma, Washington
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    What they’re saying

    "S had a concert tonight. She was great. Her teacher came up to my husband afterwards and told him how much she's improved this year. Previously he told us we were wasting our money on lessons [with her former instructor]. You have helped her so much. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!" - about a student who was never allowed to play drums in school band, and who is now first chair in her section!

    “We also are very impressed by Z’s progress. To be honest with you we didn't think drums were going to last with him. [We] thought it would last maybe a couple of months... But he proved us wrong. Z picked you as his teacher after our first meeting and we are very glad he did!  The best part of it all is he truly enjoys playing and learning from you...  He really looks up to you. We think that's pretty awesome.”

    - from the proud parent of a young student now entering his third year of study with me

    "W is really enjoying his lessons. Mondays are kind of long for him, but he is always looking forward to lessons with you. Afterward, he is completely rejuvenated, and often says, 'I think that was my best lesson yet.' Thank you."

    - about a fun student who studied with me for two years

    "Thanks, you are a very good teacher! I wish I could just practice my drums all day, everyday. Then I could keep up with everything you could teach me! (Maybe!)

    - from an advanced player who has played for decades, and who still finds ways of reinventing his playing each week.

    Feedback like this makes my day! What will you say about your lessons?

    So thanks for taking the time to check out my Learning Musician profile! I have included some basic information here, but for more in-depth info and to hear some recording samples, please check out my website at:

    Musical background and education
    I have close to 30 years practical playing
    -- Competitive marching bands (10 years marching, plus instructing afterward)
    -- Orchestras & symphonic ensembles (approx 15 years)
    -- Swing big bands
    -- Small jazz ensembles
    -- Progressive rock groups
    -- Musical theater shows
    -- Working dance bands

    I trained at the Los Angeles Music Academy, where I was selected for the Joe Porcaro Drum Scholarship (an award of approximately $13,000). I once soloed with the North Carolina Symphony, and accompanied them in backing Bobby McFarrin in concert, and proudly marched in the opening ceremonies of the 1987 Olympic Festival in Raleigh, NC.

    Teaching experience
    I have taught privately at Music 6000 for over two years, with two additional years prior to that in the Olympia area

    I have instructed high school and college drum lines, as both student section leader and as a paid instructor, including individual lessons as needed.

    I was selected to serve as a student tutor for music theory, ear training, piano, and percussion while attending the LA Music Academy.

    Lesson Information
    Lessons are taught at the Music 6000 shop located at 3738 Pacific Ave. SE, in Olympia, WA - near the kite-girl statue. Lessons are scheduled for weekdays - Monday through Friday.

    Lessons are generally 30 minutes long, regularly happening once a week, and cost $20 per lesson, paid monthly. Ask me about longer lessons if you would like to dive into the material a little more, or about flexible scheduling to meet your needs.

    For those of you in the Olympia area, and some areas of Dupont, Lakewood, and Tacoma, I may also be available for one-hour lessons in your home or studio, at $50 per lesson.

    There are no long-term contracts or commitments, so if you get the call to go on an international tour with a high-profile artist, I'll understand!

    The Music 6000 space has two full drum sets, small sound system, headphones, etc. You'll need sticks, blank music paper, and a good attitude! I'll recommend a book or two for you to work out of - usually available there in the shop - and if you are working on a particular song, bring along your iPod for us to listen to and play along with.

    One feature of the space that many parents appreciate are the windows that let you see the lesson in progress, in a completely safe and open environment!

    I hope that you found this information helpful. Again, feel free to check out for more information about me and my performances. I look forward to hearing from you!

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