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  • How can I advertise my recitals or other events on

    After you sign in, click on the Calendar tab. Choose a date from the thumbnail calendar at the left of the screen. To add an event, click on the time you would like to schedule. A form will appear that prompts you to fill in all the necessary details. At the top of the form, fill in a title for the event, and use the pulldown menu next to “Duration” to specify the length of time that the event will take. Under “Event Type,” choose the kind of event you are listing (a lesson, performance, etc). This categorization will color-code the listing in your calendar to help you keep track of your different engagements.

    The last pulldown menu lets you choose who will be able to view your listing. If you choose Just me the listing will remain private in your calendar. All of my students creates a studio posting that is visible only to your students who have registered on the site. Choosing All website visitors creates a listing that shows up not only in your calendar but alongside your profile page, so that anyone who looks at your profile can see what public events you have scheduled. This allows you to use your profile as your own personal Web homepage, publicizing your performances to students and fans alike!

  • Under the “My Studio” tab, why does it say I have zero students?

    The listing under your studio tab keeps track of how many of your students have registered with You can invite your students to sign up on the site for free if you want to use our studio management tools. The Lesson Notes feature allows you to post practice plans for your students, along with your personalized lesson feedback that they can use to track their progress over time. The Calendar feature also lets you add lesson times to your schedule in a posting visible only to your students.