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  • Why should I advertise my teaching studio on the Web?

    Each month, more and more people use the Internet to search for the services they need - and music teachers are no exception!

    Whether or not you're web-savvy, you can reach this audience directly and easily with Our site offers lets you promote your teaching business with much more personal detail than other methods of advertising (including other teacher referral websites).

    We believe you'll find, like our members have, that finding new students with our site is consistently easier, faster, and less expensive than other forms of advertising.

  • Why should I choose LearningMusician over its competitors?

    If you've done your homework, you might know that we're not "the only game in town" - several websites offer basic referral services for music teachers.

    Here's what sets The Learning Musician apart:

    • We're 100% ad-free: There is one thing our competition does have that we don't: paid advertising! Every time a visitor to our competitors' websites clicks on an ad, it takes them away from their site and away from their teachers' profiles. Our site has absolutely no ads - we'd rather our visitors stayed to look around!

    • Our lengthy free trial: A major competitor insists that you pay for a year in advance before you get a single inquiry - and they make sure to state it's non-refundable. By contrast, we're confident in the value we provide teachers - so confident that we offer a two-month free trial to let you see for yourselves, free of charge.

    • Low, flat pricing: Some websites will charge you for every inquiry you receive! By contrast, we charge a low flat rate per month - no matter how many inquiries you receive. And we never automatically bill your card.

    • We offer more: The Learning Musician is more than a simple listing service: Our site is an online community for teachers and students, with feature articles to read and forum discussions to join. You can manage your teaching practice, share a lesson schedule with your students, advertise your upcoming performances, and more.