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    Currently my studio is accepting five new students of any age and ability. Top priority will go to beginners between age three to five with no previous experience. Prerequisites are the ability to follow simple instructions and parent/family readiness. (If you are trying to figure out what “readiness” means for your family, I would recommend listening to the podcast by Christine Goodner and Abigail Petersen: “Beyond the Music Lesson, episode 6: Is my child ready to start lessons?”) I am also very happy to talk to families in detail about what violin lessons entail. The studio location is in the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle.

    Beginners can either sign up in pairs for a weekly hour long slot (cost will be $160 per student per month) or individually for a 45 minute slot ($210 per student per month). Advanced students usually sign up for 60 minute lessons at a cost of $260 per month. This cost will include weekly private lessons (35 total in a 10 month school year) as well as two group lessons per month on Friday afternoons (beginners) and evenings (advanced).

    Graduates of the studio are welcome to join advanced group lessons for $240 per year. This cost includes two group lessons per month and participation in the final group recital. If you are not a graduate or member of the studio but want to participate in group lessons, you must audition to determine eligibility.


    My violin studies started at age eight with Walla Walla's first Suzuki teacher, Kathleen Spring. Because of her expert guidance I was my region's state soloist candidate three years in a row in high school and was able to audition into the St. Olaf Orchestra my first year of college. While at St. Olaf College, I was fortunate enough to study with Steven Amundsen, Andrea Een and Charles Gray.

    After college I tried my hand at international studies, first with a Fulbright scholarship to Berlin, Germany and then at the University of Washington's Jackson School. In order to fund graduate school, however, I started teaching violin and realized that I had found my true calling.