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Teaching music is tough...
but we can help.

" is a wonderful way to advertise your business! Since I registered with this service, I have received over 260 'hits' on my profile and as a result, I have added several new students to my roster.

My teaching studio is listed on several other teacher locating services and I have yet to receive a single inquiry! I highly recommend this service. Try it yourself - you won't be disappointed!"

    Anne Lewis, Piano Teacher
    Tigard, Oregon

From Michael Connolly, founder of The Learning Musician

Let's face it - there are easier ways to make money.

Teaching music is more than just a job - it's a passion. It's demanding and stressful at times, but here at The Learning Musician, we believe there's no better way in the world to make a living.

Teaching music should be all about making connections with your students, and helping them grow as musicians. But if you're like many teachers, you know that simply finding new students can become a job of its own!

Whether it's buying classified ads in your local newspaper (never knowing how many people really see them), or running another set of brochures to all the music stores in town, advertising for new students takes a good chunk of your time, energy, and money.

And that's where The Learning Musician comes in.

When you become a member of our website, we'll help you find more students, organize your studio, and keep your students coming back.

"I've signed up for a number of subscription sites for music teachers, and this one has generated the most results by far."

    Amelia Scheider
    Portland, Oregon

We bring qualified students to you.

Every month, tens of thousands of potential students visit to search for qualified music teachers in their area. They pick the teachers that look right for them, click a button, and send them a message through our site. Within minutes, our teachers are notified that they have a potential new student!

When you sign up for your free trial on, you'll create a profile - it's a personalized, easy-to-read "online brochure" about you and your teaching business. Along with your picture, biographical information, and contact info, your profile can also show a list of upcoming performances and special events. And it's easy to set up! You don't need to know anything about web design - just answer a few questions, upload a picture and you're done.

One of our teacher's profiles - create yours today!

If you don't already have a website, your profile is a great way to give your studio a home on the Internet, giving you access the ever-growing number of people who are searching for a music teacher online. We'll give you your own URL to use on business cards or flyers - your profile can serve as a personal web page - with no HTML editing or hosting fees required!

And if you do already have a website - a link to your site in your profile will send additional traffic your way!

We're more than just a referral service

Helping you find new students is great - but we don't stop there. Our subscribers also enjoy:

Stay organized with our calendar - each of your
students can see when you've scheduled a lesson for them!

Calendaring - Keep track of personal appointments, rehearsals and more! You can optionally share selected calendar events with your students (great for posting lesson schedules) or the whole website (easily and professionally promote your upcoming performances!)

Forums - Interact with our nationwide community of music teachers to "talk shop", buy and sell instruments, or just shoot the breeze.

Feature Articles - We publish original, exclusive articles on pedagogy, interviews with prominent musicians, and how-to guides, keeping you up to speed with an ever-changing profession.

We're 100% advertising-free.

Take a good look around - you'll see there's not a single pop-up, banner ad, or "Sponsored Link" anywhere on this website.

Other teacher referral sites place intrusive ads on every page, taking visitors away from the site and away from your listing!

We're serious about your success. The only thing we want to advertise is your studio.

Sounds great - but what will it cost me?

You can advertise your studio online, organize your students' lessons, and be connected with a community of music teachers for as little as $7.08 a month. For less than the price of a single newspaper ad, we'll bring motivated new students to your teaching studio. And the first student you gain will more than pay for your subscription.

Try us out - FREE!

As much as we could talk about what this website can do for your teaching studio, we'd much rather you see for yourself. So we'd like to offer you a free 60-day trial subscription to We don't need your credit card or payment of any kind - just create your profile and enjoy two whole months of free advertising on our site!

At the end of your trial, if we haven't brought you any new students - no problem! You won't owe us a cent. But, if like most teachers, your studio grows and thrives with our help, just renew instantly and securely online to keep the student referrals coming!

If you're ready to try us out - free - for two months...