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I offer lessons in:

  • Accompanying
  • Ear Training
  • Basic Music Theory
  • Intermediate Music Theory
  • Advanced Music Theory
  • Classical Piano
  • Early Childhood Piano
  • Beginning Piano
  • Intermediate Piano
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    Lillian YangOffering private lessons in
    Bellevue, Washington
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    I started learning the piano when I was six years old and studied in a music school from 7th to 12th grade. Afterwards, I was accepted into the National Taiwan University of performing Arts in Taipei where I studied piano performance and music education. During my study at the university, I worked part-time teaching piano to young children. It was then that I realized the rewarding feeling of being able to help a young person learn the essence of this beautiful instrument and overcome obstacles that I had experienced myself during my many years of playing the piano.

    My Teaching Background
    Certificate of Music Teacher in Middle and High School Education in Taiwan.
    More than 15 years teaching experience as music teacher in school and private lessons.
    Helped students passed the YAMAHA, ABRSM, Trinity Music Exams and The Achievement Program (NMCP) Practical and Theory Examinations.

    My Teaching Philosophy
    One method is not suitable for all students. My philosophy is to assess each studentís skill level and use the most effective method tailored to fit with the studentís learning curve. Generally, I use my own teaching material.

    For the beginning students. Students will focus on the posture, the sight-reading skill, rhythmic understanding, listening and playing melodies fluently.

    For intermediate level, students are required to have the ability of playing fluent melodies with correct rhythm and expression. During this stage, students will be drilled on more complex rhythm and practice more complicated fingering. The harmonic progression and advanced music theory will be taught in this level. Students in this level will start playing pieces by various composers. Students will learn to play piano pieces from different periods and have a basic knowledge of most the musical terminologies.

    In advanced level, students will start to play music by famous composers like Beethoven, Brahms and Debussy..., etc. Students will gain an understanding of the structure of each piece, learn how to use pedals correctly, and learn how to interpret music from different periods appropriately, such as how to apply proper pressure on the keys to create specific tone quality.

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