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I offer lessons in:

  • Accompanying
  • Adult Piano Methods
  • Chamber Music Coaching
  • Children's Piano Methods
  • Composition
  • Ear Training
  • German for Singers
  • Improvisation
  • Contemporary Christian Keyboard
  • Pop / Rock Keyboard
  • Music Appreciation
  • Music History
  • Intermediate Music Theory
  • Advanced Music Theory
  • Basic Music Theory
  • Performance Techniques
  • Jazz Piano
  • Popular Piano
  • Classical Piano
  • Early Childhood Piano
  • Beginning Piano
  • All Other Piano
  • Sight Singing
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    Diana Dallal, NCTMOffering private lessons in
    Everett, Washington
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    FIRST LESSON IS FREE - it's a getting to know you lesson, where we discuss goals, and you see the studio, and get a little one-on-one teaching to try it out with no obligation.

    I am a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music that has been teaching in the Mill Creek/Bothell/Snohomish/Everett area (really known as Silver Firs) for over 15 years now. I have taught ages 4 - 67, and LOVE what I do. I have a lot of happy students some of which have gone on to play for bands, choirs, churches. I've had over 30 years of various performance experiences, including solo, concert and jazz bands, choirs, churches, and schools. I am past President of the Snohomish County Music Teachers Association.

    Feel free to go to to find out more about the studio and see more pictures and some videos.

    Teaching Philosophy
    I love to teach anyone who wants to learn. Every person who comes into the studio is unique, so the lessons are tailored to YOU or YOUR CHILD, not to a program. I like students to practice consistently, and I have had students go from beginning to advanced in 3 - 4 years! I also love the creative process. Teaching a student to learn a song by ear then make their own arrangement out of it or teaching a student to compose is wonderful!

    Comments from Students and Other Teachers
    "Students really are comfortable with you." "Your students really play expressively, and with a great sense of rhythm." "My child LOVES music thanks to you!" "You are a Great Teacher". March 2009 comments from the Washington State Music Teachers Association adjudicator (Sandra Mauchley) about the 15 students in the studio who played for her: This is a direct quote: "These students played with so much expression and vitality. Their rhythm was outstanding and they played with a wide variety of tone colors (beautiful). Their melodies soared with such a gorgeous sound. Everyone performed their pieces with a strong sense of style."

    Student Accomplishments
    First Place winner in the Snohomish County Music Teachers Association Scholarships event, 3 first places, and one 2nd place in the 2016 Trudy Woll Composition Competition. I have had other successess with students scoring top grades in the Music Development program for the State as well as for the center in both Practical and Theory Assessments. In previous years I have had numerous composition winners, including 2nd in the Washington Music Teachers Association Young Composers Project.

    I often get requests to train students for jazz band. In 2009/2010 3 students played for their churches and one student was in jazz band in Jackson. Had a first runner up Concerto Competition Winner, who successfully played the Mozart Concerto Number 9 First Movement with the Mukilteo Chamber Orchestra. Also had a student perform with Gateway Middle School Choir and another that played for the Shoreline High School Jazz Band.

    How I Teach
    I use a variety of tools and methods to facilitate learning in the student including Piano Adventures, Celebration Series, which is what the Royal Conservatory and The Achievement Program use for their assessments. Popular and Jazz music are also included in this curriculum. I also use the Well-Prepared Pianist Institute method of teaching pieces and technique which help the student to learn a lot faster than conventional methods. Students are encouraged to enter as many of the activities in the studio as they can to facilitate performance and learning. I also encourage students to play by ear, and to improvise and compose. Last year I had 4 composition winners in our SCMTA chapter's Trudy Woll Composition Contest.

    Piano Teams
    This year I started piano teams. Your child for a fee of $20 monthly gets to participate in a group piano team where they perform pieces arranged for 5 pianos, so that they get the group music experience. This is a lot of fun, and I've received so much positive response to this new program I started this year (2013).

    Activities for Students
    There are many activities in the studio for students to get involved with. For the beginners there are recitals, Music Camp, Music in Action (a ribbon festival), For ALL students we have Performance Classes every other month, Composition Contests, two Recitals per Year, Music in Action.. For the intermediate and advanced students in addition to these activities, there are master classes, competitions, Jazz Workshops and the Music Development Program brought to us by the Royal Conservatory in Canada for high school credit. Students also as they get more advanced have the opportunity to compete in the Concerto Contest and the winner gets to play with the Everett Philharmonic or the Starry Starry Night Orchestra.

    Organizations/Membership Affiliations
    Music Teacher National Association Certified Teacher, Washington State Music Teacher association Certified Teacher and Snohomish County Music Teachers Association (SCMTA) Past President. SCMTA is known as being one of the most active music teacher chapters in the state of Washington. I'm also the Center Representative and Founding Teacher for the Music Development Program ( in Snohomish County.

    My Teaching Background
    Studied with the Royal Conservatory of Toronto affiliated with the University of Toronto in Canada where I successfully completed Grade 10 and taught piano in Montreal for 2 years from 1978 - 1980. Then in 1980 moved to the US and joined the 504th United Air Force Band stationed at Travis AFB, California. In the meantime, I branched out and did choir teaching and accompanying for the New Life Center (1981-1983) in that area. Later, played with the Peninsula Pops Orchestra (5 years), sang with Heimat Echo folk group (2 years) and performed for the Folklife Festival in Seattle, was Music Director for Curtain Call Musical Theatre for 3 years. Played for the Legislators Breakfast in Arkansas. Taught Group Piano at Prosser Piano for 2 years. Have been playing piano for Cascadia Jazz band for about 7 years now, and Explorer Middle School. In the past I have also accompanied for Mood Swings Jazz Band, and Gateway Middle School. Have been teaching piano in the Seattle area for approximately 14 years. Have had experience teaching total - including in the Air Force and computers - about 30 years.
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