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    Colin BriskeyOffering private lessons in
    Puyallup, Washington
    About MeContact Me
    I'm Colin Briskey, a young musical theatre performer in the Seattle/Tacoma area. I'm a Puyallup native and a recent graduate with a degree in musical theatre. I've been teaching for a few years now and love teaching as much as I do performing. Helping students find vocal freedom and empowering them to pursue their dreams and goals is the most fulfilling career I can imagine.

    My Teaching Background
    I'm a recent graduate of Oklahoma City University. I received my BM Summa Cum Laude, with the highest GPA in the Bass School of Music senior class. While at OCU I was a member of the Performing Arts Academy voice faculty that served members of the Oklahoma City community.

    Aside from teaching I've done a range of performing, mostly musicals, at many different theatres in the South Sound region, at OCU, and even with two organizations on The Big Island of Hawai'i.

    I am an Associate Member of NATS (The National Association of Teachers of Singing).

    My Teaching Philosophy
    My job as a teacher of voice is to be the catalyst and guiding light for achieving complete vocal freedom. A beautiful voice is a free voice. Vocal freedom stems from many different aspects of life, not just vocal technique. I hope to guide students to living a more full life and to teach the joy of learning.

    Successful vocal musicians incorporate so many different areas of life and experience into their performances: theatre, dance, movement, text, politics, history and human nature while dealing with relationship struggles, physical ailments, bad hair days, - anything, you name it. The key to incorporating all this into a performance is a thirst for knowledge and a love of learning. These desires will drive students to make great strides on their own and promote well rounded, informed performance.

    Each student brings unique strengths and weaknesses into the studio. It is my job to nurture the strengths and help change the habits that contribute to the weaknesses. No one method of technique or philosophy of teaching is right for every student – I strive to meet my students where they are. By using teaching techniques that include well known ideas such as flow phonation, primal noise, and self discovery I hope to promote everyday awareness of each student’s physical, emotional, and technical life. My goal is to foster singers who are not only vocal musicians, but also real people who are more than their voice yet equipped to express exactly who they are through their voice.

    I hope to equip my students with the tools necessary to become their own teacher. Students must realize that singing is a balance, an act that comes naturally. Finding complete freedom requires careful examination and some unnatural alterations to get students back to their true, primal voice. I want each student to realize complete vocal freedom to allow them complete control over how they choose to express themselves.

    Rates And Availability
    I teach in my home or we can find another arrangement if that won't work. I prefer to teach in afternoons, but I am pretty flexible and open to finding a time that works for each student.