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I offer lessons in:

  • Rudimental Drums
  • Jazz Drums
  • Funk Drums
  • Rock Drums
  • Ear Training
  • Improvisation
  • Intermediate Music Theory
  • Basic Music Theory
  • Advanced Music Theory
  • Latin Percussion
  • Percussion
  • Performance Techniques
  • Pianist's Hand Rehabilitation
  • All Other Piano
  • Classical Piano
  • Beginning Piano
  • Early Childhood Piano
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    Conor AppersonOffering private lessons in
    Seattle, Washington
    About MeContact Me
    Hello, my name is Conor Apperson, I am a resident of the Pinehurst neighborhood in Seattle, WA. I am offering lessons in piano, percussion, and drum kit. I am willing to travel to you. I have a large interest in jazz, and come from a classical background, which gives me the flexibility to teach both. I have worked as an early childhood music teacher as well, and specialize in working with young children. I also work with adults who care to learn the piano for the first time, or those looking to dust off the literature after taking a break. My specialty is drumming and percussion, although my passion lies in the piano. I have a large interest in composition and arranging as well.

    My Teaching Background
    I have a bachelor's and master's in percussion performance, with strengths in theory, general performance practice, reading strategies and performance preparation. I currently am a freelance performer, playing jazz, rock, latin and funk on drum kit and percussion. I currently play in a 9 piece cumbia band and am working on a project arranging a piece for jazz orchestra. I have taught masterclasses, privately and in the classroom for the last 6 years and bring a wide knowledge of music, ranging from classical to jazz to world percussion to rock and beyond.

    My Teaching Philosophy
    Over the last six plus years I have established myself as a piano teacher, teaching young students as well as adults, incorporating a broad curriculum that focuses mostly on music reading and theory. I feel that if you choose to learn music, there is no better instrument than the piano, enabling one to learn to read (increasing the amount of music you learn and the speed in which you learn it), which is helped tremendously through knowledge of theory, rhythm & time, listening and technical exercises.

    I also stress a fair amount of ear training in lessons, finding a large part of learning music quickly and well is to be able to use your ear. Playing and learning tunes by ear allows one to be much more versatile in their abilities to learn, perform and play with others. I believe the Suzuki method to be one of the better ones out there and feel that this method best prepares one to be a performer. If there are tunes in which you want help to learn, I can show ways and strategies in developing your ability in this.

    A large part of one's music education requires time and work on your own. Any performer or competent musician has spent countless hours practicing and honing their craft, so as to bring the music that you so enjoy. Without a fair amount of practice, time spent in lesson is less effective and costly when considering your music education. 20-30 minutes a day is expected 5-6 days a week for adequate development.

    Rates And Availability
    I am available to come to you, if you live within a reasonable commute from the city. I charge $35 per 1/2 hour $50 per 3/4 hour and $70 per hour. I schedule lessons for a month out, so you or your child will have to commit to 4 lessons in advance. I currently have availabilities on Monday evenings and Saturday afternoons. 12/24/14

    Thank you for reading this!