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I offer lessons in:

  • Arranging
  • Audio Engineering
  • Audio Production
  • Composition
  • Ear Training
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Classical Guitar
  • Jazz Guitar
  • Electric / Rock Guitar
  • Slide Guitar
  • Improvisation
  • Basic Music Theory
  • Intermediate Music Theory
  • Advanced Music Theory
  • Songwriting
  • Ukulele
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    Stanley WilliamsOffering private lessons in
    Puyallup, Washington
    About MeContact Me
    Hi! My name is Stanley Williams. My students and friends call me both Stan or Stanley (and occasionally other descriptive terms, such as goofball, etc.!). I've been doing this for a whole bunch of years and have literally taught thousands of students to play this wonderfully flexible instrument. I have a pretty extensive background in a number of styles. However, I excel in improvisation in Rock (a very wide genre, including Christian rock!), Blues, and Jazz.

    I also have a long-time background in classical guitar and finger styles in general. Theory is a favorite subject of mine. I believe that, just as a mechanic can more effectively fix a car by understanding the details of how the engine works, so can a musician become much more effective through an understanding of music. Theory does not have to be a boring set of rules and regs. No! Theory is a vital, lively part of the process and can be great fun when presented properly (it's my job to make sure that happens ;).

    Modern technology is also a major factor in the lives of contemporary musicians. I teach a wide variety of those technologies, including composition and recording software, as well as the hardware that supports them.

    I have a fully functional recording studio and love to create custom arrangement with background tracks. I encourage you to learn your parts through the recording process. It is so much more fun when you are playing with real music rather than a metronome. When finished, I will create an MP3 for you to share with family and friends.

    My Teaching Background
    By the time I got out of the Navy, I had already been playing my guitar for over 10 years. While visiting a guitar instructor friend of mine, at the time, I was asked to sub for him. One day, he decided to move on and there I was in a teaching situation. That was 1974. Since then I have been through a great deal of schooling that includes a Bachelor Degree in Music Theory and Composition from Pacific Lutheran University (where I also taught on the faculty for three years) as well as a Masters Degree from Boston University in Music Education. Combine that with a ton of other classes dealing in everything from master classes with some of the guitar greats, to studies in recording and digital technology from some of the best studios around, it creates (what I hope) is a pretty well rounded teacher.

    My Teaching Philosophy
    I can sum up my approach to teaching in just a few words: The first one that comes to mind is, FUN! If you aren't having it, then you aren't learning it well. I believe that firmly. The next word that comes to mind is, PATIENCE! That is especially true for my role as a teacher. And I have endless buckets of the stuff! There is nothing you could ever do to rile me up! You have to feel free to learn through errors. It's just the way of things. We all make them and we all improve because of them. Thirdly, did I mention, FUN! Nuff said...

    I like to see a student who is willing to relax and enjoy the process of teaching. I realize that life sometimes (sometimes often) gets in the way of practicing. Remember, learning is a marathon, not a sprint. You can do it. Just be willing to allow yourself to establish a routine. It takes a little time, but once the routine is in place, the results really begin to show!

    My youngest current student is 6 years old and my oldest is 75, and everywhere in between. Any age is a great age for music!

    Rates And Availability
    I have a studio, Academy of Guitar, in accessible downtown Puyallup, where all of my lessons are held. I have a studio plenty large enough for up to three students at a time (group discounts available). Parents, siblings and friends are always welcome to attend the lessons if you wish. My Summer rate is in force right now at $95 per month for 4 one half lessons per month. The beginning of September, my rates return to $110 per month.

    NOTE: However, I do not turn down desiring students based solely on lack of ability to pay for lessons. If there is a financial situation you are dealing with, we can meet and discuss a number of options. Music is too important in the life of people to not make it possible when the desire is truly there. I'll do everything I can to ensure you are not left out.