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I offer lessons in:

  • Irish Traditional Fiddle
  • Bluegrass Fiddle
  • Scottish Fiddle
  • Fiddle
  • Beginning Piano
  • Intermediate Piano
  • Classical Violin
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    Brittany KeetonOffering private lessons in
    Bellingham, Washington
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    The two fiddle styles that I explore and teach are rooted in traditional Irish and Old Time music. I love both the fluid lyrical flow of Irish session tunes and the earthy make-you-want-to-square-dance groove of the Old Time fiddle tunes. If you want to play music that invites people to kick up their heels and dance, letís explore together!

    When it comes to learning traditional music, Iím of the opinion that you canít beat learning by ear. Thereís something about the transmission of tunes from person to person that maintains the nuances and the spirit in a way that written sheet music just canít contain. Youíve got to let this sort of music sink deep into your soul, and sheet music can keep it stuck up in the mind. For learning, thereís nothing quite like going deep with a dedicated teacher.

    Iím happy to work with both children and adults who have no musical training as well as classical violinists looking to make the leap to folk music. For beginners, Iíll help you develop a good technical foundation on the instrument. Weíll work on simple versions of traditional tunes, focusing on rhythmic bowing patterns that make the style distinctive. Weíll work together to build your skills and confidence so that you can have fun playing with others! For more experienced players, weíll explore a more diverse repertoire, hone your technique with challenging tunes, and talk about what it means to find your own voice on the instrument, finding deeper levels of expression through ornamentation and that indefinable element I think of as spunk.

    About me: I have a degree in Ethnomusicology from Fairhaven College, have played the piano for 19 years and the violin for 14 years. I've been teaching traditional fiddle music for the past three years, and more recently I've begun working with piano students to provide an experience of classical music that is non-competitive and encouraging. If students have an interest in both instruments, I'm happy to do an hour lesson split between piano and fiddle.


    My standard lesson duration is either 30 or 45 minutes, which generally gives us enough time to introduce new tunes and work on technique without overloading the brain. Weekly lessons help maintain a sense of continuity and progress, but I also recognize that for some, longer 60 minute every-other-week lessons may best meet their needs. Occasional or one-off lessons are also a possibility.


    You should bring your instrument, your shoulder rest, and your enthusiasm to the lesson. And a means of recording either sound or video from the lesson Ė this is important since we will be learning tunes by ear and memory is fickle. Smart phones are great for this. And a paper notebook and pen to write down all the important stuff you donít want to forget, like tune names, and what youíre supposed to be practicing.


    Lessons are scheduled a month at a time, and all lessons are to be paid for in advance by the first of the month. The payment is nonrefundable, but if you need to unexpectedly miss a lesson and itís possible to reschedule within that month, weíll make it happen.

    30 minute lessons: $30
    45 minute lessons: $45

    Rates listed are for lessons given out of my studio space in downtown Bellingham. I can travel to your home as well at additional cost.


    Get in touch via this websiteís contact page & feel free to ask any questions you might have before booking lessons.