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I offer lessons in:

  • Bongos
  • Conga
  • DJ Skills
  • Djembe
  • Jazz Drums
  • Rock Drums
  • R&B Drums
  • Rudimental Drums
  • Funk Drums
  • Ear Training
  • Improvisation
  • Basic Music Theory
  • Percussion
  • Latin Percussion
  • Timbales
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    Discription: Learn how to play in a Latin percussion ensemble. No experience necessary.
    You will learn how to play the conga drums, maracas, guiro, shakers, bells, claves and much much more.You will learn how to control and move your body. You will learn how to use your voice and sing!!There are three different days and four types of classes to pick from. A schedule with days, times and locations listed below. And remember no skills required, all levels welcomed!!!

    We offer drum classes in both a group and as a private. Group classes are the best way to learn how to work together as an ensemble, group dynamics and interactions as well as being very affordable. "One on One" or Private instruction is available for individuals who might be shy around groups or don't like being around crowds. You may also have special interests and would like to learn at your own pace or maybe your highly motivated and are driven to learn, then private instruction is the best way to go.

    Private instruction can be at your location or ours. Instruction is usually one hour long and the musical concepts that I teach, will improve your rhythm, coordination, sense of time, develope speed and mechanical independence. Speed in drumming is a function of good technique and training. The first step in your development as a drummer is to establish good technique. In other words, It ain't the beat, it's the motion. Independence is the ability to carry out multiple rhythmic tasks at the same time. Your level of musicianship is directly related to your ability to do independent work.

    Our Philosophy about music and playing in an ensemble:

    Come experience our day of church. Yes, that's right church. We begin our church by learning and understanding some of the basic and universal concepts of rhythm and time. Then using simple coordinated group movement we combine hand - vocal exercises to facilitate and genrate energy.

    Our bodies from a physiologic stand point are electrochemical in nature and produce charge. That's right, we produce a field of electrical energy or charge throughout our entire body. so, in essence we are like a "Battery". Everyone, knows that if you connect battereis in a series you can increase the overall charge of the system. Human's can do the same thing that is, we can connect or link ourselves up like batteries and therefore increase the overall charge of the group system. The increase in overall charge can be used to create amazing and astonishing changes in our overall health and emotional well being. "The frist time I felt this, it blew my mind"

    Humans have known about this type of phenomenom and have been practicing it for thousands of years. The veichle for this type of expereience has always been through sound and movement or better know as music and dance. This is why music and dance in many cultures around the world has been associated with the religious expereince.

    Modern society has left this very important tool out of present day culture.
    It's time that you put it back in.

    This is the ultimate drum and percussion learning experience. No experience necessary and all!!! levels welcomed. This course will will ultimately improve your sense of time, rhythm and groove. You will learn how to play several percussion instruments learn many different styles of music such as bomba, samba, bembe and rumba.