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I offer lessons in:

  • Basic Music Theory
  • Jazz Violin
  • Classical Violin
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    Amanda FitchOffering private lessons in
    Seattle, Washington
    About MeContact Me
    I am a versatile violinist. Primarily self-taught, I do it for the love of the music and the instrument and consequently have performed all genres from tango to folk. I am a patient teacher that does not have a set plan for every student as every student learns differently and has different expectations of their playing. I laugh easily and have a standard that my students do the same :)

    I encourage all to use my yahoo email: a.fitch11 at

    My Teaching Background
    I have performed in a variety of venues from Benaroya Concert Hall in Seattle to Disney Land in Anaheim, California. I have collaborated with local musicians as well as big names such as DJ Cut Chemist. My passion is teaching. It is my goal in life to teach music for a public school and I am attending classes to earn a degree to do such.

    I currently have a small studio of students and thoroughly enjoy the experience. I would like to reach a broader audience and extend my services to all those that are interested in learning this beautiful instrument.

    My Teaching Philosophy
    I approach teaching music non-uniformly. I recognize the learning habits of my students and cater to them to make them feel successful and enjoy the learning process. It is not my philosophy that music is a 'discipline' but a pleasure and passion. I only expect consistency and communication as these are healthy traits that carry through all realms in life. In return, I will be consistent for them.

    Be laid back but not lazy is my motto.

    Rates And Availability
    I am willing to come to a student's home as I understand that young children are more comfortable in their own, familiar environment and I also sympathize with parents; they are rock stars and are often multi-tasking.

    I also encourage my students to come to my home. It provides 'structure' and a quiet place to learn.

    My rates are negotiable. I realize that music is sometimes reserved for the elite between the cost of the instrument or rental cost, and the maintenance. I would like to be available to everyone and everyone is qualified to take lessons from me no matter their income. I can even barter if you feel that you have something to offer me in return.