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I offer lessons in:

  • Jazz Guitar
  • Electric / Rock Guitar
  • Improvisation
  • Instrumental Coaching
  • Pop / Rock Keyboard
  • Intermediate Music Theory
  • Basic Music Theory
  • Advanced Music Theory
  • Beginning Piano
  • Songwriting
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    Stu JohnsonOffering private lessons in
    Columbus, Ohio
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    My PROVEN Teaching Philosophy

    A little about me:

    - 25 Years Exp
    - Teaching for 17 years
    - All Materials Included
    - Convenient Central Location
    - Flexible Scheduling
    - Teach All Levels/Styles

    You can set up lessons here..

    Some musicians make playing look "Easy"....

    But of course it's not.

    There are 2 KEYS you'll need...

    First you gotta understand the territory. Then you gotta practice and review it.

    But only AFTER you understand the system.

    By "understanding" I mean be able to really visualize how the musical
    system works. This is NOT taught in traditional classes (probably because it's
    too effective - lol). Grab an effective curriculum that can help you really
    "get it" and take your playing to the next level even if your a beginner.

    Yep, even 'stark' beginners... Actually by being a beginner you have
    an enormous advantage over the folks that received the information
    in the "wrong" sequence by self-teaching over time.

    If your a slightly advanced player I can steer you away from "musical rabbit holes"
    that I fell into during the last 25 years.

    If you want to genuinely understand music and are not into
    learning from square one (no yankee doodle),
    click below to schedule and intro lesson.

    You can set up lessons here..

    My Professional History

    Shows played with band opening for alternative acts including:

    Social Distortion, Gregg Ginn (Black Flag Guitarist), The Buck Pets, The Verve,
    Beck, The Juliana Hatfield Trio, and The Smashing Pumpkins (93), and worked
    with J. Stewart (Bassist for the Cult 83-89). After playing
    professionally for 10 years I found my real passion was teaching music
    to those who wanted to know the big secret. If your wondering what the 'secret'
    is, it is an "inner circle" concept I'd only share with my colleagues thus preserving my
    market demand (lol)... That is, until now.

    Set up an introductory lesson using the link below:

    You can set up lessons here..

    We teach 10 and up (you're never too old but maybe too
    young). Sometimes an age exception can be granted
    depending on temperament/attention span etc.

    Over 17 years of streamlined development went into my
    curriculum. I feel it ensures an easy understanding of the
    musical system and how it fits together. The new perspective
    (or secret) quickly helps students to want to practice more and
    also empowers them to explore the musical landscape with
    confidence and have fun while they get better.

    Levels Taught: = Beginner to Advanced - All Styles

    Teaching Philosophy

    According to statistics 80% of people learn more effectively
    through visual representation of concepts. I make good use of
    colored diagrams and other visual props to ensure thorough
    comprehension. I try and stay away from "cookie cutter"
    approaches as they don't take into consideration dispositions
    in learning that students may have.

    Tailoring each students lesson to their own goals gives
    students a huge advantage in time needed to really get

    I have developed a proven effective curriculum over
    years of teaching and have comprised all needed materials
    (ie. books/cd's) so all you have to do is follow the numbers.

    Our Hours of Operation

    Our Instructors teach 6 days a week. Mon-Fri from 2pm to 8/9pm,
    Saturdays 10am to 5pm, and we are closed on Sundays.

    I look forward to helping you reach your musical goals quickly.

    We'll see you at lessons!


    Stu Johnson
    Senior Music Instructor
    Lancaster Mobile Studios
    Office Line-614-364-4155

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