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    Shaun DiazOffering private lessons in
    Seattle, Washington
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    Cello Lessons with Seattle area cellist, composer, performer and instructor Shaun Diaz

    I work with cellists from all walks of life and offer an approach to the cello that blends traditional and classical music with modern and popular styles of cello playing and improvisation. As a composer and improvising cellist I am inspired by a wide range of musical styles and genres and love to explore the interconnectedness in all music. I believe that everybody has the capacity to tap into a deep well of creativity within themselves and to learn to improvise and discover their own unique musical voice. I love to meet new students and help unlock their creativity and expression. I believe that teaching is a two way path, and that through working together we both have the opportunity to learn and grow. The path we take is always new and exciting and there is always room for discovery, new possibilities and progress of the information and ideas I have to share. My goal is to connect deeply with each student and cater to their individual needs and learning styles. I feel very fortunate to be able to work with such inspiring, passionate and beautiful people from all kinds of backgrounds and walks of life. It is truly an honor and incredible joy to be a part of your lives and to share in your journey of personal growth and self discovery through music.

    The freedom that comes with a strong technical foundation.

    It is very important with the cello that technique is addressed first and foremost. String instruments require careful focus on technique to produce the tone quality desired and to move freely and efficiently around the instrument. Once proper technique is aquired it is possible to begin to realize your own artistic potential, enabling you to begin exploring your creativity, connect with your own musical intuition and imagination, improvise freely, perform the classics with a high level of proficiency and if you choose to venture farther, create your own music. My years of training as a classical musician has allowed me to adapt functional cello technique to a broad range of genres and approaches to learning the instrument.

    Imagination and venturing beyond the classics.

    If you choose, you will be given the opportunity to learn to transcribe your favorite unpublished songs by ear and learn them on the cello. You will acquire the skills to develop a high level of technical proficiency and will approach technical studies (etudes, scales, trill studies, etc.) with a fresh perspective often emphasizing improvisation, creativity and development of the ear using drones and loop pedals. Right hand articulation and left hand development exercises and techniques are explored on and off the page in new and innovative ways. You will be given the opportunity to explore a wide range of musical genres and adapt them to the cello while maintaining there original musical integrity. After a high level of technical proficiency is acquired all scale work is brought into the light of improvisation and creativity and we look beyond the major and minor scales to blues, jazz and modal scales often found hidden in your favorite popular, modern or film music. I branch off from arpeggio scale work and dive into chord playing and modern pizzicato techniques. Arpeggio's are seen not only as technical study, but as related to chord playing and accompanying others during improvisation sessions with other musicians or yourself with loop pedal.

    Staying in tune with your heart and unique musical voice.

    I encourage all my students to discover their own personal connection with their instrument. Just as each instrument is unique, so is each student. It is my role as a teacher to respect and understand each student's strengths and weaknesses allowing me to develop a personalized method that best suits you. My emphasis is on staying in tune with your heart, your voice and your emotional intelligence. Staying in tune with our emotions while expressing them clearly in our music helps us to transmute or reconcile them and puts us in touch with our truest self, our greatest desires, dreams, visions and ambitions. It is a language that reaches the farthest depths of the soul and has the capacity to inspire, heal and shape the world.

    Respecting the past while welcoming in the future.

    I offer a diverse background that includes techniques, methodology and approaches to the instrument passed down from 1st and 2nd generations of some of today's great masters. It is my belief that with each generation comes exciting new possibilities and avenues for the evolution of the instrument and its repertoire. It is my responsibility to give my students every opportunity to find their personal connection with their instrument and to reach their goals and surpass their expectations. I know that with hard work, proper technique and intelligent practice my students will be limited only by their desire to succeed.

    “Your only prerequisites are to have an open mind, be prepared to think off of the page, and be ready to be inspired, empowered, and to explore the cello, your creativity and imagination beyond your wildest dreams." I look forward to embarking on the journey of music making with you!



    • Raymond Davis (Principle, Seattle Symphony)
    • Judith Glyde (University of Colorado)
    • Anthony Elliott (University of Michigan)
    • Antony Cooke (Henri Mancini Institute Faculty)
    • David Tonkanogui (Seattle Symphony)
    • John Michelle (Central Washington University)

    Cello Master Classes:

    • Brenard Greenhouse
    • Janos Starker.

    Composition and Music Theory:

    • Hummie Mann,

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    Rates And Availability
    $55 - 1 hour
    $45 - 45 minutes
    $40 - 30 minutes