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I offer lessons in:

  • All Other Singing
  • Choral Performance
  • Extended Vocal Techniques
  • Sight Singing
  • Vocal Coaching
  • Vocal Improvisation
  • Vocal Rehabilitation
  • Rock Voice
  • R&B / Hip-Hop Voice
  • Pop Voice
  • Jazz Voice
  • Classical Voice
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    Josh FiegelOffering private lessons in
    Spokane, Washington
    About MeContact Me
    I am a self motivated, observant, everyday type of teacher, I believe that results are based on efforts and determination you as a student put out. I believe part of being a instructor is not only knowing the material, but also building connections and finding way to motivate for success. I'm part teacher, part personal trainer, part friend.

    My Teaching Background
    My name is Josh Fiegel, I have been singing in bands and groups for a little over 17 years. A few years ago I started to feel the fatigue of growing older, I set out to take some singing lessons. After a year of lessons I decided I wanted to teach. I am a licensed instructor of the Academy of the Arts in Denver Colorado. I recieved my teaching certificate from Dr Scott Martin, and am proud to be one of his instructors. I love to help people accomplish there goals!!!

    My Teaching Philosophy
    My favorite part of teaching is the ah ha moment. You know that moment when you realize potential In your self you never knew you had. There is nothing cooler than watching someone be able to break the constraints of there own mind. Not only does a ah ha moment motivate the student. It allows for additional tools to be used to sing songs they were never able too. So if your looking for that as a student, I'm looking for you.

    Rates And Availability
    I teach out of my studio, for group classes I have access to larger studios if need be. Dependent on size of class. I have gone to students homes before, but prefer access to tools available in studio. I am huge Seattle Seahawk fan, for the month of Nov through the end of Seattles season, lessons are 30 dollars a hour.