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    A patient and caring teacher, I value the student’s individual needs and personal goals with the cello. My studio attracts a complete spectrum of students from young to old and amateur to professional. My methods are based on a life time of work rooted in training which started at the SF Conservatory at the age of 5 and continued through study with some of the world’s most renowned cellists and teachers. Besides holding a BA and MA in performance, I also have a BA in education and offer proven methods not easily found elsewhere. For those who wish to earn college credits, my lessons are also available through Shoreline and North Seattle Community Colleges.

    My Teaching Background
    I started the cello at the age of five at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and studied with Margaret Rowell, Barton Frank, Paul Olefsky, Ramy Shevelov and Zara Nelsova. I have won a number of solo competitions including the prestigious Pacific Musical Society award when I was 11, the California cello club award, the Alameda music teachers award and, the Don Bushell Competition in Seattle. I came to Seattle as a member of the Seattle Symphony, Pacific Northwest Ballet and the Seattle Opera. I have performed throughout the United States, Europe, Japan, South America, Middle East and former Soviet Union. I have also held various Principal Cello positions and was on the U.S. tour of Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Music of the Night". Prior to arriving to Seattle I was the Principal and Coprincipal Cello of several orchestras in South America and Coprincipal Cellist for the Los Angeles Philharmonic Institute. An active chamber musician, my ensemble, The Pacific Chamber Group, played for Boris Yeltsin on his visit to Seattle, for the Secretary of State at the Russian-American International Trade Convention and in the "Out to Lunch" concert series presented by the Seattle Downtown Association at One Union Square. The Pacific Chamber Group also toured Japan in 1996 and later was invited to be the Artists in Residence ensemble in the establishment of the performing arts center, Ascension Arts, located in Magnolia. I am an active performer and have given hundreds of performances for private functions with my string trio, The Seattle String Ensemble, and as a soloist. Also as a soloist, I have appeared at the Museum of Mystery playing solo Bach, in a number of Art Galleries and for some benefits including those for the Cancer Life Line Convention and for the Children's Hospital. Currently I am an active teacher, a recording cellist for the movie industry and a soloist. As a soloist, I been a featured with a number of symphonies in and around Seattle and will next appear with the Federal Way Symphony in March 2009.

    My Teaching Philosophy
    I teach the techniques that great performers use in performance and practice. You will learn how to practice efficiently, saving time and avoiding excessive repetition and redundancy. You will also learn proper body mechanics that give fluid and effortless facility around the instrument. In teaching these techniques, I also value the broad differences in how people learn as well as how the cello fits into my student’s lives then work according to what is best for the individual. My students find my lessons both fun and productive.

    In my lessons, all the advice I give is supported by thorough explanations based on principles that are indisputable. My students learn the whys and are not left with empty rules on technique. Understanding is essential after all! I believe that for the student to be given the best opportunity to develop musically, nothing can be left in question. My ultimate goal is to teach my students to be their own teacher. I teach both the how and why while inviting my students to question and scrutinize everything including even what I teach.

    Through my instruction, my students develop a fluid cello technique with complete understanding of the natural physical relationship to the instrument. I offer a technical approach that minimizes muscular force and emphasizes movement through directed shifting of natural weights and balances. My students learn to play the cello with physical ease as they approach more challenging music. Integrated into the lessons are revelations as to the best approach towards productive practice. My approach is from the inside out and guides the student through their internal realization and awareness. Memorization, intonation, and problem solving becomes a matter of course when one learns proper techniques of the mind as they relate to the cello and music.

    Rates And Availability
    I like to charge by the quarter, which is 13 weeks or actually 13 one-hour lesson, though the very first lessons is normally an hour and a half, and I am very flexible on the scheduling. If you are sick for example, I prefer you to not come, and you will not loose the lesson or have to make it up in a predetermined time, I just roll it ahead. If you plan a trip or a break, we just schedule around it. I make my schedules week to week for the most part. In short, you get what you pay for unless you do not show or give me short notice without a reasonable emergency. I want things fair and easy. For the 13 hour lessons I charge $775 (about $59 / hour lesson) in my studio and $875 going to your home on the east side. I like payment up front but if this is a problem talk to me please and we can work something out.

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