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    Karen HesterlyOffering private lessons in
    Weslaco, Texas
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    Ancient saying: “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”
    Offering children's and teen's piano group classes beginning with kinder and up. Also private lessons for adults.

    Did You Know that Music Lessons help children
    *Learn pattern recognition and problem solving: reading music is learning to recognize patterns in the music and on the piano
    *Raise Self Esteem by doing something well
    *Improve Eye and Hand Coordination
    *Help Children to Concentrate for an extended period of time: in group piano or band not concentrating results in student playing a solo
    *Fosters Music Appreciation by learning all kinds of music styles
    *Provides Emotional Release: the piano is the place to go to relieve stress

    1. Five and Six Year Olds: Children Love Animal Notes! Registration is one month of lessons in advance plus materials.
    New Available class for young children: The Animal Note Method of teaching music is based on associative learning. The oval of each note of the Grand Staff is modified to resemble a familiar and friendly animal that is easily recognized. A suggested short story about the location of each Animal Note's position on the Grand Staff is part of the educational experience. These stories give word clues that when associated with the standard music notes provide a successful transition, thus making learning to read notes much easier and actually fun to learn and to teach. Children must be ahead of their age group and be able to demonstrate that they can read an easy reader and understand that their eyes must move from left to right to be considered ready to work independently at the piano.Small keyboards or a piano at home for practice are required for this class. $16.50 per class.

    2. Seven year olds through middle school. Registration requires payment for 4 lessons plus $25.00 for materials
    Students begin with the kid's version of "Way Cool Keyboarding." plus supplementary folk songs and Christmas songs. Students age 7 and up are encouraged to start with a full sized piano either digital or acoustic..Classes are $16.50 per class. Young children must be able to read an easy reader be take group piano.Piano or keyboard at home for practice required.

    3. High school teen students may begin with "Way Cool Keyboarding" also with supplementary folk songs and Christmas songs.Registration requires payment 4 lessons plus $30.00 for materials.
    Piano or keyboard at home for practice required.

    Transfer students will be placed according to note reading ability.

    4. Private lessons for children and adults: 30 min. $27.50 per lesson

    5. Partner lessons: two 30 min. lessons back to back so both students receive an hour of instruction. $27.50 each.

    6. Adult Beginner Class offered this summer. Cost is $250 for 12 one hour group lessons payable in advance. No refunds. Student must be able to make a commitment to meet at the same time each week. Class time will be decided by the group. An introduction to piano for adults who have children taking piano or adults who have always wanted to play piano.

    If you have ever considered lessons for yourself or your children, I would be happy to talk to you. I've successfully taught many students of all ages over the years and would enjoy talking to you about how learning music benefits your entire life! I will be glad to answer any and all of your questions and concerns. And remember, regardless of your age, it's never too late to learn! Adults that have always wanted to learn to read and play piano but never had the time, well, NOW is the time.

    My Teaching Background
    I love teaching group lessons and enjoy the classes! I have taught privately for over 40 years and group for several years, and now almost all my students are in a group. I have also served as Choir Director/Organist for various churches in Boerne, San Antonio, and in the Rio Grande Valley. I began piano at the age of 7, and continued through college, adding 7 years of organ study at UTSA in San Antonio as an adult. I grew up in Pharr but my husband and I left when he went to work for Delta Air Lines. I also worked for United Air Lines for 10 years in New York City and Atlanta until shortly after our son was born. When my husband retired we returned to the Valley and we now live in Weslaco.

    Making music and making friends combine in classes to create a rewarding musical experience. A class takes on a spirit and energy that is impossible to achieve in individual lessons.

    You may email to set up a trial lesson or call me @956-968-5102. Transfer students may fit into a current group. New students may be able to take private lessons until they can work into a group. Several people starting together may form a new group. New groups usually form at the beginning of a semester: Fall, Winter, and Summer but may be formed any time there are 3 or 4 students who would like to begin class. You may register and ask to be notified when a new group is starting. I am located near John Knox and Memorial Elementary School.

    Lessons are Monday-Friday after school.
    Group lesson fees for children and teens
    $15.00 per lesson, Group lessons are affordable, quality lessons, with each student on a good instrument and longer lesson time than private at a lower cost. Lessons are 45 min. for elementary and 60 min. for teens and adults.

    Group Adult Classes
    $20.00 per class payable by the month in advance. At least 3 adults must sign up to form a group class.

    Private Lessons are offered on an as needed basis.
    15 min. for Pre-K and Kinder $15.00
    30 min. lesson fee: $27.50 per lesson

    If you are interested in learning to play, I would look forward to meeting and working with you.
    Centrally located to Weslaco, Donna, Alamo, San Juan, Edinburg, Edcouch, Elsa, Mercedes, and Progreso.

    Karen Hesterly @968-5102 or @533-9692
    2 blocks north of John Knox Village on west 8th St, one block west of Border Ave.

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