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    Karen HesterlyOffering private lessons in
    Weslaco, Texas
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    Call: nine six eight, five one zero two for information or email me by clicking on send message and I will call you back .Transfer students may audition for a current class.

    New class starting Thursday 5:30 pm for 1st and 2nd grade in March. It is not too late to join. Minimum requirement for students is an 88 key digital piano with weighted keys like a Yamaha P45.

    Registation is $50 to hold a place in the class. Classes are $18 each.

    Ancient saying: When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

    Prepare your child for success. According to Daniel H. Pink in "A Whole New Mind," technical knowledge is no longer enough; developing the creative side of the brain is the future. An engineer designing a functional building is not enough, it must be a beautiful building which requires both sides of the brain to develop. Studying music and the arts uses both sides of the brain, and learning how to be disciplined and work on your own are necessary for success in life, no matter how you define success.

    Classes can start any time at least 3 students sign up for a piano class. If you would like to register for the next class, please call or send a message for an appointment. To be accepted as a piano student, one must have a full sized piano (88 keys) with weighted keys at home for practice. You can buy a digital starter piano with weighted keys for just a little more than a small keyboard or you can rent one from Valley Keyboards in McAllen, or you can start with an acoustic piano. A 61 key keyboard is not acceptable to learn to play piano. It is like learning to drive a car with a riding lawnmower.

    This studio teaches all styles in all classes such as traditional method books, classical, jazz, popular, Christmas music at the holidays, as well as other holiday music, and patriotic songs. Students who have an IPad also have home access to backing tracks and teaching material on a studio paid app which is used in class with assignments to use at home as well as a "Piano Aventures" app, which can be dowoloaded on IPhone or IPad, which the student can purchase for a small fee. It works with tuned acoustic or digital pianos. Transfer students will have to audition and will be grouped according to their note reading ability, not necessarily their current level in their method book.

    SUMMER LESSONS for current students: To keep students from forgetting what they have learned during the school year, lessons continue in the summer and are $18 each. Students are allowed to take time off for vacations, generally one or two weeks, at no charge with a weeks advance notice.

    If you have ever considered lessons for yourself or your children, I would be happy to talk to you. I've successfully taught many students of all ages over the years and would enjoy talking to you about how learning music benefits your entire life! I will be glad to answer any and all of your questions and concerns. And remember, regardless of your age, it's never too late to learn! Adults that have always wanted to learn to read and play piano but never had the time, well, NOW is the time. I teach group piano so if you and a couple of friends would like to start a group just give me a call and we can arrange a time for a class.

    My Background
    I love teaching group lessons and enjoy the classes! I have taught privately for over 40 years and group for several years, and now all my students are in a group. I have also served as Choir Director/Organist for various churches in Boerne, San Antonio, and in the Rio Grande Valley. I began piano at the age of 7, and continued through college, adding 7 years of organ study at UTSA in San Antonio as an adult. I grew up in Pharr but my husband and I left when he went to work for Delta Air Lines. I also worked for United Air Lines for 10 years in New York City and Atlanta until shortly after our son was born. When my husband retired we returned to the Valley and we now live in Weslaco.

    Safety is a big issue in today's society and I have gone though a background check by working as a permanent substitute teacher in McAllen. After moving here I worked at McAllen High School as a substitute teacher in the choir department as accompanist for the middle school and high school choirs. In Weslaco I have worked as organist and piano accompanist at the Lutheran Church, the Presbyterian Church, and the Episcopal Church. I now teach primarily group piano and occasionally fill in as substitute organist or pianist at various churches.

    I prefer teaching at home instead of the office I used to teach in because it is a safer environment for the children if they need to excuse themselves from the classroom for a couple of minutes plus the only adults around are parents waiting for their children. No one is going to walk into the classroom who isn't supposed to be here. Also we are able to adjust the temperature so that everyone is comfortable.

    Making music and making friends combine in classes to create a rewarding musical experience. A class takes on a spirit and energy that is impossible to achieve in individual lessons.

    You may email to set up a time to register. I am located South of Business 83 and one block West of Border Ave. near John Knox and Memorial Elementary School.

    If you are interested in learning to play, I would look forward to meeting and working with you.
    Centrally located to Weslaco, Donna, Alamo, San Juan, Edinburg, Edcouch, Elsa, Mercedes, and Progreso.

    Karen Hesterly
    2 blocks north of John Knox Village on west 8th St, one block west of Border Ave.

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