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I offer lessons in:

  • Accompanying
  • Adult Piano Methods
  • Arranging
  • Children's Piano Methods
  • Choral Performance
  • Composition
  • Choral Conducting
  • Extended Vocal Techniques
  • Hymn Improvisation
  • Improvisation
  • Contemporary Christian Keyboard
  • Pop / Rock Keyboard
  • Early Childhood Piano
  • Jazz Piano
  • Beginning Piano
  • Popular Piano
  • Sight Singing
  • Songwriting
  • Vocal Coaching
  • Jazz Voice
  • Pop Voice
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    Holly JonesOffering private lessons in
    Puyallup, Washington
    About MeContact Me
    Music has been an important aspect of my life since childhood. Beginning formal training at age 3, experimenting with my own musical education (which turns out to have been extremely valuable), and extending my training into college and throughout my adult life, I have come to greatly appreciate many styles of music and the countless individuals who have shaped my musical journey. I am currently performing as a solo jazz pianist and vocalist, as well as with ensembles, and continuing in traditional classical/choral settings. I've been composing contemporary sacred music for many years and am now publishing many of my pieces for piano, voice, and instruments.

    Teaching Philosophy
    I've been teaching piano for over 30 years. My focus is on developing a well-rounded musician, including Performance, Theory, Technique, Ear Training, Ensemble Playing, Improvisation and Composition. Preschool classes incorporate lots of play using large muscles to learn these musical principles. Whether students become career musicians or whether they use music lessons to round out their educations, there is always much to be gained in learning the language of music through piano. My goal is to understand the learning style, strengths and weaknesses of each student and offer him or her a useful and practical guide to their practicing that will result in magnifying their strengths, while challenging and strengthening their weaknesses. Favorite songs and special compositions are often incorporated into a student's lesson to keep it fun, interesting, and to teach concepts that might otherwise be missed.

    Voice Lessons
    Singing was always my first love. Having sung in many styles, from classical to pop to opera, and now jazz, and having had the privilege of being trained by a wide array of experts, I can help students with basics such as finding their voice and increasing confidence, as well as proper breathing technique, music reading, expressive phrasing, musical interpretation, and performance.

    Private lessons are $20/half-hour or $40/one-hour. Preschool classes are $20/week for two 45-minute classes per week. I am offering an introductory Summertime Special for Preschool Piano Lessons, of $10/week for 8 weeks in July and August, 2011.

    Feel free to visit my website at or call 206-595-5019 with questions or to reserve your spot!