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    Brittany KohlOffering private lessons in
    Mercer Island, Washington
    About MeContact Me
    My name is Brittany Kohl!

    I am originally from the Pacific North West and am passionate about sharing my love of music here. I grew up in Kitsap County where I studied music under the direction of Debbie Florian. After 14 years of private instruction, I took my love of piano to Washington State University where I earned my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music and Pedagogy (teaching) with a minor in Jazz Piano. While studying music at WSU, I expanded my skills while performing with a jazz ensemble, providing accompaniment, and classical performance. Currently, in addition to teaching, I am a performing Jazz Pianist.

    Beyond my learning experience, I have enjoyed teaching for over 10 years to students of all ages and learning types. Teaching piano started in high school, and I have enjoyed providing quality learning experiences for budding and advanced musicians in both Seattle and in the Musical Mind Music Studio in Mercer Island. I teach essential piano technique for any music style while providing a well-rounded mix of classical and jazz to student’s repertoire. I am dedicated to providing the best learning experience for each student in order to maximize their learning experience.

    My Teaching Background
    • Opening of B. Kohl Studio, Seattle–Private Piano Lessons- (’09)
    • Wedding performances (’09 – ’10) *references available*
    • Four years of private piano lessons under Dr. Berthiaume at WSU (’04- ‘08)
    • Four years of accompanying music performers at WSU (’04-’08)
    • Four years of student teaching with PPLS at WSU (’04-‘08)
    • Two years of concert choir at Olympic College (’02-’04)
    • Two years of jazz choir at Olympic College (’02-’04)
    • Two years of guitar lessons at Olympic College (’01-’03)
    • Three years of church choir (1999-2002)
    • Three years of private teaching in high school (’01-’04)
    • One year of student teaching under Deborah Florian (2001)
    • Eleven years of private piano lessons through grade school (1993-2004)

    My Teaching Philosophy
    My mission is to make each student first a music lover and second an independent musician. The goal is to eventually work myself out of a job, but fill up performing halls with audience members and performers interested in music and in sharing music with the world.
    I am convinced that every person can play music beautifully and skillfully, at any level or style they choose to pursue, and I am dedicated to teaching music (and specifically the piano) to any student who wants to learn. To that end I teach a variety of elements in the lesson, including music theory, technique, history, compositional analysis, ear training, sightreading, practice and performance skills, improvisation, composition, and a wide variety of repertoire.
    I strive to keep my studio always a safe environment; I will make every attempt to tailor instruction to the specific needs and aptitudes of each student, and I will only put students in performance situations when I am confident they can succeed. I believe in teaching the whole person, and will address the emotional needs of each student as they pertain to effectively communicating and performing at the piano (including preparation before performance and debriefing afterwards).
    I ask for cooperation from my students and their parents through commitment to regular practicing and following the practice instructions I give verbally and in writing during the lessons. I welcome students’ “outside” repertoire, and will always allow students to learn pieces they are interested in…although I require some amount of classical literature to be in progress continually, to ensure a healthy technique and ongoing exposure to the building blocks of pianistic style.

    Rates And Availability
    I currently teach on Mercer Island at the Musical Mind Studio and I also have a traveling studio dependent on where the student is living.

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