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I offer lessons in:

  • Classical Flute
  • Renaissance Flute
  • Music Appreciation
  • Music History
  • Basic Music Theory
  • Intermediate Music Theory
  • Advanced Music Theory
  • Piccolo
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    Katherine IsbillOffering private lessons in
    Seattle, Washington
    About MeContact Me

    Hi! I'm Katherine and I am a professional flutist and educator. I have an established flute studio in the Seattle area and am finishing my PhD in flute performance at the University of Washington.
    If you would like to contact me, please do so through this email: katherine[at] Thank you!

    I offer students a fun, exciting, enthusiastic, positive, and rewarding musical experience.

    Teaching all ages and levels of students, I offer a fun and engaging program including:
    • Learning how to play the flute
    • Basic musical concepts (including theory, history, ear training, and rhythmic studies)
    • Numerous performance opportunities
    * solo recitals
    * ensembles with other students in the studio
    * performances at local flute events
    * local and state competitions
    * participation in youth orchestras
    • A weekly blog/newsletter of upcoming events, assignments for the week, and any interesting articles or videos
    • Studio parties and field trips!

    Whether you want to learn to play for fun or are a competitive flute player, I can help you! And...we'll have a great time learning and making music together.

    Please visit my website for more information about me and my teaching studio.

    Why should I take flute lessons with Katherine?

    As soon as you walk in the door to my studio, you are instantly included in my flute family. This means never-ending support, guidance, and quality music making. Time spent in a weekly lesson is not the only time I spend supporting you. This is not just flute lessons! This is a flute program filled with weekly support emails, lots of handouts about flute, flute playing, music history and theory, and research to find enrichment activities, competitions, and performance opportunities. These are examples of some of the tasks I complete for my students outside of our weekly lesson.
    Parents are provided with a comfy couch (some parents choose to take a nap!), a power strip for plugging in their computer, and the promise of hearing their child improve each week, as well as articles spread across my coffee table covering topics such as “How to Help Your Child Succeed in Music,” “Taking Private Music Lessons and Intelligence,” as well as a weekly music comic and the latest flute magazine (yes, there are flute magazines).
    I am not only a performer but also strive to be the best teacher I can be. I devote myself to my students enjoy nothing more than seeing my students excel. I am a professional flutist but also a professional flute TEACHER! I observe master flute teachers and communicate with others about teaching and learning.

    My Teaching Background
    I have taught private flute lessons for over 10 years. I have students that I have helped get into college music programs, all state band and orchestras as well as 10 year old children who just want to learn how to play the flute.
    I have a Bachelor's Degree in Music Education, a Master's Degree in Flute Performance, and am pursuing a PhD in Flute Performance. I am a certified public school music teacher and taught elementary general music in Atlanta, Georgia and teach college music courses at the University of Washington.

    My Teaching Philosophy
    I believe that music should be taught always in a positive and fun learning environment. I always make sure students feel comfortable and uninhibited during lessons. I do not expect perfection in my students' music nor do I expect them to aspire to become music majors or professional musicians. However, I do expect that students approach their flute studies with enthusiasm, curiosity, and a positive attitude. I offer a variety of enrichment activities during the year, such as masterclasses and workshops. I expect students to involve themselves in the flute by attending as many of these as they are able, and to participate in opportunities outside my studio as well.

    Lessons are an exercise in "teamwork." The "team" includes the student, the teacher, and the parent(s). Parents are expected to encourage students, to remind them to practice, and to help them obtain needed materials in a timely manner. I have found that when parents take an active role in encouraging students to practice, students experience more success.

    Since you are investing in private flute lessons, you can expect to have me be your biggest fan and supporter. Flute lessons will become your favorite hour of the week!

    Rates And Availability
    My studio is located in the Green Lake neighborhood. (It's a remodeled 100 year old house complete with sun porch overlooking the city for parents to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or get some work done during the lesson.)

    Before contacting me, please review the information on my website:

    Please contact me directly through my website for information about my rates. Thank you!