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I offer lessons in:

  • Accompanying
  • Children's Music
  • Ear Training
  • Irish Traditional Fiddle
  • Bluegrass Fiddle
  • Cajun Fiddle
  • Fiddle
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Improvisation
  • Mandolin
  • Basic Music Theory
  • Classical Violin
  • Jazz Violin
  • Rock Violin
  • Vocal Coaching
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    Barbara CollinsOffering private lessons in
    Olympia, Washington
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    Honoring Wintergrass Music Festival
    Special Offer: Get one FREE bonus lesson (1 hour) for yourself, a friend or a family member
    WHEN YOU REGISTER FOR FOUR LESSONS (hour time slots) before April 30, 2018.
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    Openings available for violin/fiddle students of all levels & persuasions, 9 yrs+ up... Also currently accepting beginning & intermediate mandolin students. Mostly teach in the lower Puget Sound Region. Am able to venture twice a month to Seattle, Tacoma, DuPont or Centralia when there is a demand in a region (4+ students). Home studio is in NE Olympia. House calls are also an option with additional travel fee as are Skype lessons upon request.


    Instruction for individuals interested in ANY of the following:

    * Desiring to build a solid foundation yet need help with overall technique
    * Interested in cultivating better tone production, drive, intonation, rhythmic chops, stylistic enhancements
    * Needing to improve or learn ornamentation, phrasing, expressive nuance, musicianship
    * Violin or fiddle players needing to learn or improve vibrato
    * Wishing to branch out to become more versatile, wanting to learn to improvise with more facility, etc.
    * Already working with lessons online yet prefer an expert to oversee progress (avoid undesirable habits)
    * Are learning a song or a tune from YouTube or recording and would also like tab, music notation as well
    * Needing a tutor to help your child in school orchestra studies—sight-reading, concert prep, audition prep
    * Wanting some restorative time for yourself with a relaxing musical pastime - assuage stress!
    * Are returning to the instrument after many years or perhaps inherited an instrument you’d like to learn on
    * Care to become a stronger participant in local jam circles, open mics, music festivals or workshops
    * Are involved in a community orchestra or band and need help in any way with repertoire, counting, etc.
    * Interested in some fun and rewarding ear training and dexterity exercises

    Aside from learning to play solo it can also be useful to collaborate with others and learn to provide basic backup accompaniment - even at a beginning or intermediate level! If any of this appeals to you please contact me to register.

    About me:

    After a few adventures abroad over the past few years I have returned to Olympia, WA and am now teaching again.

    I was formatively classically trained at Northwestern University studying with Eduardo Fiorelli for ten years as a child. Over the past 30 years have become a very versatile improvising violinist and multi-instrumental instructor having performed with many professional ensembles throughout the Pacific Northwest, Canada, Alaska and Hawaii, and have had enough practical experience to have become a well-versed group leader on staff at many renowned music workshops and camps in the NW and Canada. I am a strong player and with experience to participate in most types of ensembles, with or without the aid of sheet music. From this practical experience I have developed a pedagogy that includes unique tools and true-to-life session skills to help you get to the next level on your musical path. From Bluegrass, Old time & Cajun to Blues, Ethnic Folk & Gypsy-Jazz we connect in the joy of creating music! The learning process becomes more fun and rewarding in working through your optimal learning style(s) realizing your specific needs.

    I look forward to meeting students who are open to learning some enjoyable, unique tried and true exercises. Ear training is paramount, as is having a good connection with your breathing, ability to relax and connect much more with your instrument and what you deliver through it. I work with students first and foremost in improving their tone production. Improving rhythmic coordination is also vital to the process!

    My own most influential instructors: Eduardo Fiorelli, Nortwestern University School of Music; Maxine-Karen Johnson, Honolulu HI (classical violin); Kenny Baker, Byron Berline, Stuart Duncan, Laurie Lewis (Bluegrass); Paul Anastasio (jazz-swing, blues, western-swing); Bruce Molsky (old-time fiddle); Martin Hayes (Irish); Alasdair Fraser (Scottish); Natalie MacMaster (Cape Breton) Radim Zenkl and Emory Lester (various mandolin styles).

    Now enrolling for Winter/Spring 2018. Sign up soon... Let's get started!
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